BAIC Debuted BEIJING X7, an All-New Mid-Sized SUV Based on BMFA Platform


Recently, BAIC Motor officially announced the official picture of its all-new SUV – BEIJING X7. The new car is positioned in a mid-size SUV, it is built on the BMFA (Beijing modular functional architecture) platform. In the future, it will launch traditional fuel models and plug-in hybrid models. According to the official statement, BEIJING X7 will start pre-sale in May this year, officially list in June.

According to the official, the overall appearance of the BEIJING X7 highly restores the design elements of its concept car “YAO”. Specifically, the front face uses a bar-type chrome trim to cleverly match the LED daytime running lights. The overall shape is like flying wings, which further widens the visual width of the front of the new car. At the same time, a hexagonal air intake grille is used under the front face, meaning “flying open space”, with the L-shaped air inlet shape on both sides, the entire front face looks gorgeous.

The entire body side of BEIJING-X7 is relatively clean and simple. The side shape features a two-stage waistline design. The upper waistline extends well to the rear lights, and the connection is very natural, a hidden door handle design is used on the side of the new car, which highlights the simplicity of its side and further reduces the drag coefficient. In addition, the design of the floating roof is not absent. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4710/1892 / 1715mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm. In terms of rims, the new car is equipped with a set of two-color rims shaped like a diamond cutter, which increases the performance of the new car’s side details.

In the rear part, BEIJING-X7 adopts the popular bar-type tail light group design and adds chrome trim to the lower edge. While echoing the headlight group, it enhances the overall quality of the car. At the same time, the rear of the new car is more three-dimensional than the front and side. The tail light part is protruding, and the position of the license plate frame is concave so that the tail part looks full of layering.

In terms of interior, BEIJING-X7 adopts a quite scientific sense of cockpit design. In addition to retaining the elements of the concept car, BEIJING-X7 has also added more detailed designs. The most striking feature of the new car is that it is equipped with a full LCD instrument that runs through the central control panel and a large screen of the central control and a touch screen in the air-conditioning area below. At the same time, it also uses the official multi-function steering wheel called holographic touch, the overall shape also looks sporty, the shape of the multi-function touch buttons on both sides is also quite new. In terms of details, the buttons and door handles of the vehicle are all treated with silver. Together with the black piano lacquer panel in the central control part, the sense of high quality is well reflected, and the interior looks very good.

In terms of details, BEIJING-X7 is equipped with a decorative plate with hexagonal pattern elements, a translucent diaphragm atmosphere lamp, the translucent diaphragm atmosphere lamp can follow the rhythm of music. At the same time, the configuration of the full LED light source is used in the car to further increase the texture in the car. In terms of space, the overall layout of the new car looks very spacious. It can be tilted by the 180 ° flat seats in the rear seats, so that the rear row and the trunk form a flat space.

In terms of tech configuration, BEIJING-X7 is equipped with AR live navigation, IoV, and car interconnection systems. The in-vehicle interconnection system can also realize active conversational voice interaction. In addition, the new car is also equipped with face recognition function, automatic adjustment of zero gravity seat, active fatigue driving monitoring function and other configurations. In terms of active safety configuration, it is equipped with 17 configurations including APA (one-key full-scenario automatic parking) and TGA( traffic congestion assistance), enabling the new car to achieve L2 level driving assistance.

In terms of power, according to the previous declaration information, BEIJING-X7 fuel version will be powered by a 1.5T engine codenamed A156T1. This model has a higher performance than the A151E engine used by models such as BEIJING U7. The maximum power has reached 169 horsepower (124kW). For the hybrid model, the official has not released specific information. For more information about this car, please stay tuned.

About BEIJING Brand and BMFA Platform

On October 15, 2019, at BAIC’s new brand strategy conference, the BEIJING brand was officially released. It is a brand that was born after BAIC Group integrated the advantages and technical resources of BAIC Senova and BAIC BJEV. This is a new brand for BAIC Group. BEIJING X7 released today is the mass production version of the Yao concept car. The new family design language shows the unique style of the BEIJING brand and the global-oriented design concept.

In addition, according to the official introduction, the BMFA BEIJING “Magic Cube” architecture is a global “magic block” architecture jointly created by BAIC Group and partners. In addition to being able to meet the development of small to med-sized products, the platform is also compatible with powertrains. Fuel and electrified powertrain. In addition, the BMFA platform also has the integration of intelligent networking, IoV ecosystem and software ecological platform, so that models built on this platform have a variety of driving assistance systems to ensure the safety of drivers and occupants.