BAIC BEIJING EX3 R500 launched with pricing from 119,900 yuan


BAIC New Energy recently announced the launch of the Beijing-EX3 R500, a new model of BAIC EX3, a small EV from BAIC.  The price was pegged at 119,900-129,900 yuan after subsidy.

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Appearance- and interior design-wise, the new car model is similar to the previous BEIJING-EX3 R600.  The difference lies in the range and configuration of the new model.  From the front, split headlights complement the U-shaped mouth and the new BEIJING logo can be prominently seen. From the side, the suspended roof design is employed.  From the rear, the new model carries the popular penetrating tail light group utilizing LED.

The color scheme uses a dark color as its base.  Wood grain and chrome textured elements were added to the door trim and center console, respectively.  A 12.3-inch full LCD digital instrument panel, 9-inc floating control screen, and built-in intelligent voice interaction system for navigation, entertainment system and sunroof control via voice command, form the technological features inside the cabin.  The EX3 R500 also carries an ESP body stabilization system, auto hold electronic parking, plus front and rear USB interfaces.

Under the hood, the BEIJING-EX3 R500 is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power output of 218 horsepower/160kW, maximum torque of 300 N · m, and acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 7.9 seconds.  A CATL ternary lithium battery with a 52.56kWh capacity and 144.55Wh/kg energy density is employed.  At the heart of the new model is BAIC New Energy’s EMD 3.0 intelligent electronic control system and comprehensive management battery system.  Cruising range is 421km.

As for the car’s physical dimensions, it is 4200mm long, 1780mm wide and 1638mm high with a wheelbase of 2585mm.