BAIC New Energy Launched an All-Electric SUV – The EX3, Price Starts at 123,900yuan


BAIC New Energy (BJEV) launched a new all-electric SUV model – the EX3, total 5 variants are available for this model, the price of BJEV EX3 is from 123,900 to 163,900 yuan (~US$18,012 – US$23,827) after China government subsidy. BJEV EX3 is positioned in a small SUV, the NEDC range is 311miles(501km).

This is the 2018 BJEV EX3 Concept Car

In appearance, BJEV EX3 draws on the design elements of the earlier concept car, and the design aspect is mainly crossover style. The front of the car has a flowing line of headlights, and the long and narrow split headlights correspond to the U-shaped mouth of the front face, This kind of design is very extreme, someone would like it very much while the others and will probably be not unacceptable.

The taillights are popular bar-style design to enhance the lateral visual width. The 17-inch double-five spoke wheel is shaped like a petal, and the two-tone design highlights its pursuit of fashion. The tire size is 215/50 R17. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4200×1780×1638mm, and the wheelbase is 2585mm.

BJEV EX3 equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD digital instrument panel + 9-inch central control panel, EX3’s dashboard is very smart, and it can simultaneously display three functions such as entertainment, telephone and navigation from the central control large display. The navigation mode can be switched from the central control large screen to the dashboard display by swiping a finger. The central control panel has built-in smart voice function and i-Link 2.0 car networking system.

The motor of BJEV EX3 has a maximum power of 160kW (214HP), a peak torque of 300N·m, an acceleration time from 0-100km/h is only 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 165km/h. The power battery uses a ternary lithium battery with an energy density of 161Wh/kg, and is equipped with “One Pedal” single pedal energy recovery function and vehicle-to-vehicle charging function (V2V). The official claimed the range in the urban working conditions will be longer than 311miles(501km), and it can reach 600km under 60km/h constant speed.