BAIC SENOVA Zhidao Changed Its Name to “Zhidao U7”


We learned from BAIC official that BAIC SENOVA Zhidao was renamed as Zhidao U7, which is consistent with Zhida X3, adopting a new naming system, namely “Zhi” series + letters + numbers. Another model of the Zhi series, Zhixing, is expected to be renamed in the near future.

Body size of BAIC SENOVA Zhidao U7 are 4785/1835/1490mm, the wheelbase is 2780mm, the car uses a hidden exhaust design, bilateral two exhaust are available in the top trim level model.

The interior style is biased towards technology and elegant. It is decorated with chrome-plated black and wood-grain strips. The 12.3-inch central touch screen and 12.3-inch LCD instrument support to link each other. The new style of three steering wheels also are also perforated.

SENOVA Zhidao U7 is powered by two different 1.5T engines. The maximum power is 110kW and 120kW respectively, maximum torque of 210N·m (1.5T engine with 110kW), it matches a CVT gearbox and a 6AT gearbox.

BAIC SENOVA Zhidao U7 was listed on December 21, 2018, with price range of 79,900-122,900 yuan in China market. Zhidao U7 is the second model of the “Zhi” series in the intelligent core strategy of the BAIC 2.0 era. Together with the first “Zhi” series SENOVA Zhixing previously listed, to form a product matrix of “SUV+Sedan”.

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