Yinlong New Energy Launched its First MPV: YinLong EFFIE, China’s Alphard? No!


Based in Zhuhai China, Yinlong New Energy is a company produces/researches and sells lithium battery, electric vehicle powertrains and complete vehicles. Actually Yinlong New Energy produces all kinds of electric buses, micro vans, pickups or special vans in China. Yinlong EFFIE (艾菲) is the first MPV from this company, the appearance of Yinlong EFFIE is much similar to outgoing Toyota Alphard model. Yinlong also announced the price of EFFIE 430,000RMB (~US$63,361) before subsidy.

In terms of appearance, the shape of the front face is quite ordinary, a banner-type chrome grille is adopted. The side lines of the car body are square, it is somewhat similar to Toyota Alphard. The rear part also has not too many novel designs, only the chrome strips are added above the taillights for decoration.

The interior design is also nothing to say. The overall color is beige, the steering wheel and the handle are added to the wooden material, the four-position steering wheel looks a bit old and cumbersome. The layout of the center console is simple and straightforward, but when you look at it, you will wonder if you come back to 20 years ago. Thanks to the body size of 5150/835/1890mm and the wheelbase of 3,200mm, Yinlong EFFIE has created a larger body space than Toyota Alphard.

In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with two-sided electric sliding doors, electric tailgates, front-end keyless entry and keyless start. it is equipped with LCD central control display, car GSP navigation, car bluetooth, voice recognition, electric adjustment of the main / co-driver seat, front seat heating, leather steering wheel and so on.

In terms of power, the new car is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a 103kWh ternary lithium battery with a maximum power of 100kW (134HP) and a peak torque of 320Nm. China MIIT claimed the vehicle’s range of 279miles(450km). The officially announced fast charging time is 2 hours and takes 8 hours in slow charging mode.

Anyway, for a fresh man in China MPV market and such a high price vehicle, car configuration is shabby, when you see some of pure electric vehicle that made by Chinese new generation automakers, such as NIO ES8, ES6, WM EX5, Enovate ME7, etc., I believe you will have no reason to choose Yinlong EFFIE . Nowadays, many Chinese car companies that started from the copycat have begun to develop their own cars, but Yinlong is still walking on the old road.