Soueast DX7 Xingyue Launched in China with Price Started at 119,900yuan


The last time Southeast Auto upgraded the appearance of the DX7 dates back to two years ago. It is time for another upgrade in the highly competitive Chinese brand compact SUV market. Now, DX7 Xingyue came to us with an all-new front face design, a major upgrade in interior color and configuration, and a new name. The new car is offered in a total of 4 models, the official suggested retail price is 119,900 to 139,900 yuan (~US$17,205 – US$20,075) (Check more specs here: Soueast DX7 Xingyue technical specs.

For more details about Xingyue appearance, please take a look at here:

Sitting in the cockpit, you will find that the changes in the Southeast DX7 Xingyue are mainly focused on the adjustment of color matching. The all-black collocation that is common on current models has been upgraded to “black-and-white matching”. The upper and lower center console colors make the interior look more layered and not particularly depressing. At the same time, some black and white color matching designs on the seats and door panels also echo the adjustment of the interior color. The newly-added diamond coverage on the seats also adds attractive details to the new car interior. However, the wood grain veneer that appears as a decoration on the center console is slightly abrupt in color. We don’t know if the manufacturer will add other colors later to make the interior feel stronger.


It is worth mentioning that this upgrade of Southeast brings richer configurations, including a 10-inch full LCD instrument, 10-inch floating center console, 4G network, car Wi-Fi, Baidu Carlife interconnects and other systems will be assembled according to different models. At the same time, the new car can also choose the L2 driver assistance system, which includes APA fully automatic parking system, ADAS advanced intelligent driving assistance, etc., which can realize active cruise control, lane-keeping, automatic braking, and pedestrian recognition.

Another focus of this upgrade is the power system. The DX7 Xingyue is powered by a 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine code-named 4A95TD from Aerospace Mitsubishi, with a maximum power of 197 horsepower and a peak torque of 285 N·m, and is matched with a brand new 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The book data of the new engine has been equal to the 1.8T engine on the old model.