Baojun to Release a New Coupe SUV to Compete in China market


Recently, we obtained the design sketch of the brand new Baojun model (internal code name CN220C) from Baojun Motors. This is the first time we got new product information from Baojun official after the list of Baojun RS-5 in China market. According to the news, the new car is based on the R platform which is same platform as Baojun RS-5. From the design drawing, the product is some kind of a coupe SUV model.

Its front face is applied by Baojun’s latest family-style design. The large-sized air intake grille is outlined in bright color. The headlights are sharp and indifferent, and they have a confident charm. The waistline extends all the way from the nose to tail, enriching the layering and sportiness of the sideways.

The rear end of the car has a fast-back design that creates a sense of coupe. The shape of the taillights echoes the headlights. The waist lines on both sides are gathered at the rear of the car to form an encircling design element, which makes the whole car more integrated. In addition, the size of the rim in the design sketch looks quite impressive and worth looking forward to.

Wheelbase of Baojun new coupe will reach 2800mm, it is a mid-size SUV model.

In terms of power, it is expected to be powered by the same power system as Baojun RS-5. The 1.5T engine currently carried on RS-5 has maximum power of 111kW(148hp) and maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with manual and CVT gearboxes.

Anyway, since the launch of Baojun RS-5, many consumers are not very satisfied with the power performance of its 1.5T engine, as the similar 1.5T engine carried on Haval F7x, it generates maximum power of 124kW and torque of 285Nm; Geely Xingyue 1.5T has maximum power of 130kW and maximum torque of 255Nm. Both of them have better technical parameters than Baojun 1.5T engine. Haval F7x and Geely Xingyue are also available in 2.0T engine models. So The Baojun’s new coupe model is also expected to further improve its power performance.

In recent years, Baojun brand has entered the forefront of China vehicle market with high cost performance. Baojun also launched the high-end model RS-5, releasing a new diamond three-dimensional car logo. Baojun, which has always been low-key, now it is marching toward the high-end direction.

It is reported that Baojun’s new coupe is planned to be listed in the second half of this year. For more information, please stay tuned and we will announce the new news for you in the first time.