Baojun Yun Duo is an all-New pure electric Minivan


In the era of traditional fuel vehicle, SGMW Baojun has always been labeled as “civilian, durable, and cost-effective”. But after the wave of new energy has hit on the Chinese market, new energy vehicles have already forced most players to retreat in the Chinese market. Traditional car makers need to face two main themes: whether to choose “exit” or “survive”.

Obviously, Baojun chose the latter, but behind this reality, it is difficult to conceal the anxiety of transformation. Those who can “survive” rely on their abilities to survive. So, how to quickly transform is always a headache.

Baojun launched a brand new badge earlier this year, followed by two all-new models, the Baojun Yueye and Baojun Yun Duo. Both models feature a brand new design, and Baojun Yueye looks very similar to Suzuki Jimny. However, the Baojun Yun Duo, which was officially launched today, is a compact SUV similar to the Minivan design, both of which are pure EV. From the perspective of appearance, these two models of Baojun mainly cover young consumers who prefer personalization.

In terms of appearance, the overall design of the Baojun Yun Duo (In Chinese, Yun Duo means “Clould”) belongs to a solid and round style, with no excessive angular design on the vehicle body, creating a simple aesthetic feeling. The official concept for the appearance of Baojun Yun Duo is called “Sky Aesthetics”, the vehicle’s shape is like a cloud, which is also the origin of Baojun Yun Duo’s name.

The Baojun Yun Duo comes standard with LED headlights, as well as hidden door handles and five spoke low drag wheels. The body size of Baojun Yun Duo is 4295mm in length × Width 1850mm × Height 1652mm, wheelbase 2700mm. The appearance and size are similar to current hot-selling Chinese brands BYD Dolphin and GAC AION Y.

At the rear of the vehicle, the bar-type tail lights correspond to the front of the vehicle, and it is suspected that a small ducktail type rear spoiler has been added to the upper part of the rear window.

In terms of interior design, Baojun Yun Duo interior layout does not have many fancy designs, but rather features the official claim of the first “Cloud Sofa” seats and a “three-level storage room” trunk. The entire vehicle is equipped with a 15.6-inch ultra high color gamut LED central control floating screen and a 8.8-inch ultra clear digital LED instrument screen. In addition, the new car is also equipped with the “Lingxi Intelligent Driving 2.0” car infotainment system jointly developed with DJV.

In terms of power, Baojun Yun Duo is powered by a new high-efficiency three in one intelligent electric motor, with a standard 100kW motor throughout the entire series, with peak torque up to 200N · m. It also comes standard with AC slow charging and DC fast charging, which can support 220V external discharge function, solving the outdoor power demand during outings. In terms of batteries, Baojun Yun Duo provides 37.9kWh and 50.6kWh battery packs with a range of 360km and 460km respectively.

In terms of price, it is also a major highlight of Baojun Yun Duo, focusing on the cost-effectiveness of the Baojun brand. This time, Baojun Yun Duo has launched a total of four models, all of which are pure electric models. For the first time, Baojun Yun Duo has raised the price of Chinese pure electric A-class cars to within 100,000 yuan, ranging from 95,800 to 123,800 yuan (~US$13324 – US$17102 at rate of 7.2:1). What do you think of this car?