Haval’s 1st Coupe SUV F7x is Almost Ready in China Market


The SUV’s hot market has made many Chinese brands, and some of Chinese brands only produce SUV models. In order to continue to make achievements, in addition to maintaining good quality and personality, so they can go further in the SUV market. The most representative of these is Haval from GWM, good value for money, good reputation has made it a very eye-catching sales in the SUV market.

Coupe SUV is currently hot in China market, we’ve reported CHANGAN CS85-Coupe, Geely Xingyue (FY11) Coupe-SUV in the most recently month, this time, GWM brought Haval F7x, once again a crossover coupe SUV based on Haval F7 model. It is a more attractive product for young people and a coupe SUV for the young market, it is also the first coupe SUV from Haval, the big slip back, 0-100km is 7.5 seconds.

In terms of appearance, Havel F7x uses family-style front face design. The hexagonal honeycomb grille is medium in size, the bottom surrounded by a three-dimensional shape, the fog lamp area is designed with a tough corner and decorated with chrome.

The side of the body is designed with a slip-back design. The overall style is similar to BMW X6. Paired with large-size wheels, it creates a sense of movement. In terms of body size, the F7x is almost identical to Haval F7, except that the height 30mm lower. Measuring 4620mm/1846mm/660mm, wheelbase 2725mm.

Haval F7x claims it will be equipped with L2 level autopilot technology, and Intelligent Networking 2.0 system with intelligent voice system.

Haval F7x will be available with the GW4B15A 1.5T engine and the GW4C20B 2.0T engine. The maximum power is 124kW(169Ps)and145kW(197Ps)respectively. Max. torque is 285Nm and 345Nm respectively. The transmission system is based on Haval F7, we guess it will be same 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. 0-100km acceleration is 7.5s.

The F7x will be officially unveiled during the Shanghai Auto Show 2019.

Haval is the sub-brand from GWM (Great Wall Motor), GWM has taken the lead in establishing eight R&D centers and technology incubation laboratories including smart driving, intelligent network, new energy and modeling worldwide. Not only that, but GWM also promised that “Haval’s global R&D investment will exceed 30 billion (Yuan) in the next five years”, which is enough to demonstrate GWM’s confidence in marching into globalization. Anyway, let’s wait.