Huanghai N3 Pickup Is Another Ford Raptor in China


Sorry, but I mean it is only in appearance. Huanghai N3 pickup is designed by Roush, which is responsible for the Ford F-series pickup truck in the United States. The appearance of Huanghai N3 pickup has a very similar style to Ford Raptor, it is designed in a tough style, the front of the car is square and full of power, the headlights are connected to the middle grille, and the head-mounted honeycomb grille feels quite impactful, in one word, it is very much a “Ford Raptor”.

Huanghai N3 pickup is made by SG Automotive, it is another high-end “American-style” pickup from SG Auto, positioned below Huanghai N7, the price range of Huanghai N3 starts at 128,800 end at 163,800 yuan.

Body size of Huanghai N3 are 5,595 mm / 1950 mm / 1865 mm, and the wheelbase is 3,405 mm. The width of 1950mm is also the most in China pickup. It is 10 to 20cm larger than the mainstream pickup truck in the length, width and height. The ground clearance is 230mm, it has excellent passability.

The design of the wide rim enhances the power of the body side. The CLX_10 all-terrain tire used in the vehicle has a size of 265/65R17, the tread is rough, the teeth are large, and the durability is strong. The truck bed size is 1717/1620/460mm, and the whole system is equipped with truck bed liner.

The interior uses black color style, the center console is coordinated and regular, some areas are also made of soft materials, the central control area is equipped with a large touch screen, and the three-way steering wheel is equipped with multi-function buttons. The other functions such as fixed speed cruise, push-button starter, rear view mirror folding, tire pressure detection, front seat heating, front parking radar and panoramic image are also available.

In terms of power, Huanghai N3 offers two different models of engines, such as 2.5T diesel engine, 2.4-Liter gasoline turbo engine, the 2.5T diesel engine 4-cylinder turbocharged engine has maximum 129ps and maximum torque of 320N•m, it is matched with 6-speed manual gearbox, the 2.4T inline 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine has maximum 218ps and maximum torque of 320N•m, matching with 6AT or 6-speed manual gearbox.

Huanghai N3 pickup also uses a four-wheel drive system from BorgWarner, and offers a differential lock for optional, anyway it has much wind noise in high speed, after all, the work is a bit rough.

About SG Automotive

Founded in 1984, Liaoning SG (Shu Guang) Automotive Group Co., Ltd (abbreviated as SG Automotive) is a China stock listed company (stock code: 600303) with commercial vehicles and components as the main business. SG Automotive owns two renowned trademarks— “Huanghai Auto” and “Shuguang Axle”. In complete vehicle field, Huanghai brand mainly focus on coach, light bus, pickup, truck, and special vehicles, among which Huanghai Bus is the two major bus manufacturers in China and also the component supplier of Huatai Automobile. SG Automotive has obtained production qualification of new energy automobile commercial vehicle.

In 2018, Huatai Motor acquired 21.27% of SG Automobile and became the controlling shareholder of SG Automobile.

SG Automotive has 12 wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries in China, it has established overseas subsidiaries in the United States, South Korea and other countries, and established four technical research centers in Dandong (China), Shenyang (China), the United States and Hungary.