SAIC MG3 on Guangzhou Auto Show – 6th Generation England Vehicle

In 2009, Shanghai Automotive to “a car a stand”for the MG brand to carry forward the horn announces international route determination and courage; 2010, a British car engraved on the past lives of the event – “MG Legend of the theory of evolution” and Shock staged. Today, “the sixth generation of the legendary British car, ” a new show in the world’s first eighth MG3 Guangzhou Auto Show, and join the top 5 on behalf of the essence of the MG car Marking Time, will be in thousands of square meters exhibition hall 5.1 booth turned into a Department of “giant time machine, “leading the flood years of shuttle guests to see the car to make a century of British legend, the sentiment MG brand, “Inheritance and constant change and innovation ” in good faith, seek technology to MG from the repairer repairer Arts Distillation of the essence. Additionally, MG6 Saloon (sedan) and on display, also marks the interpretation of the UK Design extreme personality and mainstream consumers in China choose the “MG6 Gemini strategy ” was officially launched.

In this generation, open “a new era of fun”

Too many dazzling new auto, I do not know why come I do not know why the students, but is increasingly eager to feel the deep foundation after years of sharpening. This is the “sixth generation of the legendary British car, ” the new media and attracted more than MG3 bikers looking forward to, more come from afar to help out the British National Youth Theatre site the best reason. When “calling from London”song melodies, covering all 6 curtain on behalf of MG car was slowly opened, a unique world, “MG time axis ” to lead the audience to experience the past century England close car evolution. 86 years indelible fleeting between the brilliant achievements in the Review, is deeply imprinted in the hearts of every audience.

“Legend of the sixth generation of British car”new MG3 is clearly the spotlight. Department of vehicle models used in Europe for the first time the most fashionable “Faceted Flow” design flow faceted, angular, bold and avant-garde, with a little sci-fi feel, together with the unique personality of the roof attached, as a “player” status marked trend Label; interior design reference style Apple products, clever use of large areas of fashion white, quite simple and practical post-modern idea, just glance is enough to never forget it. Although the show does not publish a new MG3 vehicle data, but 86 years of MG sports brand heritage genes and safety performance of vehicles has consistently adhered to by inference, not only to interpret the new MG3 “pan 85 after ” their unique personality, Better able to accompany them to sway zero burden vigor, and let them do whatever they wish, dare, love to do.

Each generation, is a legendary era

Overview over nearly a hundred years “MG time axis “, not difficult to find a MG car of each which are leading the new wave era, but no matter how time passes, how technology innovation, a change in people’s aesthetic tastes changed again, can not Out of passion, personality, and create the brand.
In 1924, when humanity realized the flight was the first time from the annals of the Atlantic, the first generation of the legendary British car AUSTIN SEVEN to rewrite the history of the legendary era of open design concept, known as BMW, MINI, Lotus and other car originator; 1948 , When the London Olympics, winning the world sounded the horn, the second generation of the legendary British car MORRIS MINOR 1000 to the global automotive sales leader in the victory of the king of the era, conquered the Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, British celebrities, including the heart ; 1962, when the British “rock and roll soul ” Beatles, “007” James Bond • swept the world, the third generation of the legendary British car MG 1300 for its pioneering achievements of avant-garde style icons that time … … time lapse Passed away in 2010, “the sixth generation of the legendary British car”new MG3, turned out by the Shanghai Automotive Design Director, Tony Williams MG in the British-led team to build a new modular design, the MG “personality, temperament, creativity ” Brand essence and occupy the high-end design “UK Design” perfect match, opened a “pan-85 after ” creative era.