SAIC MAXUS T70 Pickup Is Ready in China Market, Price Starts at ~US$17,325


On June 6, SAIC MAXUS’s first diesel pickup, MAXUS T70, was officially launched, price starts at 119,800 end at 207,800 yuan (~US$17,325 – US$30,052) in China market. Appearance design of MAXUS T70 is close to the T60, compared to the T60, the biggest difference is the new power system – SAIC π, it can meet China -VI emission standards, the engine makes the T70 China’s “Raptor” it is an ultra-performance pickup.

In terms of appearance, Maxus T70 looks like the T60 as a whole. The word MAXUS is embed in the grille. All T70 models come standard with lens headlights and LED daytime running lights, while the prominent black front bumper is extremely domineering.

In terms of power, Maxus T70 pickup is powered by “SAIC π” 2.0T single/double turbocharged engine diesel engine, of which the single turbo version has maximum power of 120kW (160hp), the maximum torque is 375N·m, and the fuel consumption is as low as 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The double turbo version has maximum power of 160 kW (214hp) and maximum torque of 480 N·m, both support China-VI-B emission standard.