2019 SAIC-MAXUS G50 Review, Cost-Performance MPV From China


SAIC MAXUS G50 is the entry-level MPV model, it is positioned in a home use vehicle which is lower than MAXUS G20. Front face of MAXUS G50 has added a lot of the latest family design elements, it even offer four types of grille style, which can meet the individual needs of more consumers. Price of G50 starts at 86,800 ends at 155,800 yuan (~US$12552 – US$22,531) in China market.

The overall style of Maxus G50 is relative square, this design has a certain guarantee for the internal space. It features LED headlights, automatic headlights, keyless entry, front and rear parking radar, 360° panoramic image as well as floating roof, rear privacy glass, anyway, 17-inch wheels are slightly smaller.

The interior design style is more like a sedan, the layout of each function is very reasonable and easy to get started. The interior materials has good texture, a lot of soft materials are used on the center console, the process level is relatively general, the knobs and buttons feel rough. There are many options for interior, mainly depending on the color of the plaque, the color of the seats and the materials.

The interface design of the 12.3-inch central control screen is simple to use, the display resolution is good, but the response speed and operation are general. It is equipped with the Zebra system, which contains a lot of functions. For an MPV model, 360° panoramic image is still very practical, it is the standard configuration. The other configuration such as automatic parking, tire pressure display, panoramic sunroof, mobile phone wireless charging, automatic air conditioning, power windows, 7-inch LCD instrument panel, push-button starter are all featured.

Due to the high height, the internal headroom is very good, both internal and on/off-board experience is very good, even 180cm passenger do not feel depressed after sitting in the third row.

The body size measures at 4825 /1825 / 1778mm, the wheelbase is 2800mm. The seat layout is very flexible, including 5-seats (2+3), 6-seats(2+2+2), 7-seats (2+3+2 or 2+2+3) or 8-seats(2+3+3) . The front seat and backrest are relatively hard, the comfort is average. The flexibility of the second row of seats is better than the front row, so the comfort is slightly better. The legroom is relative narrow due to limited wheelbase, the second row seats are unable to move back and forth deeply, but there is no big problem.

MAXUS G50 is powered by a 1.5-Liter turbocharged direct injection engine, maximum power is 124kW(166hp)/5600rpm, maximum torque of 250N•m, matching 7-speed dual-clutch transmission gearbox or a 1.3-liter turbocharged engine, maximum power is 120kW(160hp)/5200rpm, maximum torque 230N•m , matching 6-speed manual transmission gearbox.

This powertrain has been used in several models such as MG and SAIC-Roewe, power is definitely enough, after the turbo is involved, overtaking is very easy, but the engine response is not very fast, which is not conducive to daily driving. The 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox also didn’t perform very well, downshifting is relative slow, and the throttle tuning is not very linear.

On the whole, for passengers, the power is not a weak point, slow engine response, the dragging and frustration of the gearbox have slight impact on the second row of passengers.

The steering wheel feels lighter, there is not much road feeling, but the daily driving is still very smooth, the steering angle and the return rate are normal. The performance of the chassis is normal, in line with its positioning, there is no problem in dealing with small bumps, but it will be a little embarrassing when passing the speed bump. Firstly, toughness of chassis is not very strong, it seems a bit of looseness; secondly, damping capacity is general, the rebounding feeling of the rear axle is a bit obvious
when passing through bumpy road or speed bumps, and the recovery process is relatively stiff.