Roewe Debuted its first 5G EV MARVEL-R


At the Roewe Brand Day on May 10, Roewe released a new electric brand’s proprietary “R” logo, and the first model MARVEL-R also debuted. The new car is based on the MARVEL-X previously launched by Roewe, but the design uses a new set of intelligent design concepts, which looks gorgeous. According to Roewe’s plan, MARVEL-R will be listed in the second half of this year, the price is expected to remain at the level of 260,000 yuan. In addition, it is worth noting that the official name of MARVEL-R is the world’s first 5G production model.

The front face of Roewe MARVEL-R has been completely renewed, the bar-type LED light strip is a highlight of its appearance. In terms of grille treatment, the upper part of the new car is a closed design, the lower part uses a Volvo-like straight waterfall air intake grille. The triangle areas on both sides are matrix headlights, and the outer panel of the light group has a diamond shape with dotted elements. The side of the body is basically consistent with the previous MARVEL-X. At the rear of the car, a new style of through-type LED tail lights echoes the headlights.

In terms of range that consumers are concerned about, Roewe MARVEL-R has not yet released specific information, but it is expected to exceed the previous range parameters of MARVEL-X, the range under NEDC conditions is expected to exceed 500km.