MG 3SW Review & Road Test


Perhaps it’s due to the impact of suits and jeans match of designer, or by some crazy person over digital music players, cameras and mobile phone integration initiative of the shock. More boring in the car until the design has gradually circle the emergence of a variety of models to combine the characteristics of the design style, and this car design is that we have often said – “Cross” design.

MG 3SW Review
SAIC MG 3SW Review

With the reduction of automobile consumers and the car age, “Cross” style models gradually been accepted by the public, in the automotive field, even the non-play “Cross” on the cover to sell at good sales situation.The current automobile market, CHANA Suzuki SX4, such as Shanghai Volkswagen Cross Polo Cross selling models, many manufacturers see potential in this market segment, comply with the time to launch a variety of “Cross” car. As the domestic brands of MG MG brand after several years in the making also launched its own “Cross” model – MG 3SW, then the protagonist of our story today is it.

Everybody may also visit the offcial website of MG 3SW by the following link:
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