Landwind Released a New SUV model: Landwind Rongyao on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Powered by 1.5T+7DCT


Landwind debuted a brand-new SUV model Landwind Rongyao (陆风荣曜) on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Landwind positioned in a compact SUV, it is powered by the 1.5T+7DCT power combination.

Landwind Rongyao is a brand new SUV model to break away from the bad copycat reputation. Official says Landwind Rongyao was designed by Jiangling Holdings and Italian high-end design company GFG Style, a globally renowned automotive design company founded by Giorgetto and his son Fabrizio Giugiaro.

Front face of Landwind Rongyao is designed with a hexagonal large-sized grille and decorated with dot matrix elements. The headlights also adopt a split-type design, with the trapezoidal air intake under the front bumper, so that the front face gives people a feeling of sport and look very young stylish.

The side body lines are also very tough, stretched from the waistline that is raised backwards to the taillights, and blended with the taillights to make the lines tough. In addition to the shape of the large steel wheel, with red brake calipers, there is a strong impact on the visual effect. Size of Rongyao: 4550/1885/1655mm, wheelbase of 2750mm, minimum ground clearance of 185mm.

Landwind Rongyao’s interior is luxury, interior design is no longer minimalist, the conjoined central control large screen and LCD instrument predicted the luxurious sense, the middle air outlet adopts metal-like plaque decoration,

Most of Landwind Rongyao’s interior materials are wrapped in soft materials. According to the official introduction, Landwind Rongyao has chosen a more environmentally friendly material, the overall vehicle odor level is 3.5, far higher than the national standard. And the car is also equipped with PM2.5 air purification system.

In terms of technical configuration, Landwind Rongyao is equipped with the Glory system, which combines the functions of intelligent driving assistance, smart cockpit enjoyment and smart car networking experience. Assisted driving system includes collision warning, adaptive cruise control, blind zone detection, etc..

In terms of power, it will be powered by the Ford-technology 1.5Liter turbocharged engine + Getrag wet 7DCT power combination, the maximum power of 120kW(160HP), the maximum torque of 250 Nm, official said the chassis is adjusted by the British Mira professional team.

Like many other Chinese automakers, Landwind also focuses on SUV models. Landwind Rongyao is the latest model launched by Landwind. From the official introduction and the product itself, Landwind is trying to get rid of the impact from “Landwind Evoque ” event (Click here: China Court Ruled the Ripoff of Landwind X7, Chinese Range Rover Evoque will Stop Selling) by this new car., and also to prove that Landwind is not only “copycat” vehicle maker.