JMC to release a new pickup brand, new models unveiled


Recently, we learned from the media communication meeting of JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation) that it will release a new pickup truck brand in March this year, and its first model will also be officially unveiled together. In the future, it will form a dual-brand matrix with JMC’s Yuhu series models to further expand the pickup truck market.

In fact, before this, we also obtained from relevant channels the spy photos of the first model under the new brand of JMC pickup trucks. Judging from the spy photos of its appearance, it is more square than the Yuhu series models we are familiar with, it has strong “American pickup” style.

Judging from the spy photos, the front face design of the new pickup is very tough. The large-size grille and the square headlight design provide a strong aura, while the upper and lower layered double-layer LED daytime running lights are a relatively novel design. The new brand logo hangs on the grille.

It is understood that the new pickup will be equipped with a front double wishbone + rear multi-link integral bridge suspension combination. Among them, the rear suspension adopts Watt linkage technology, which can bring better cornering stability. However, at present, we still don’t know the news about the power of the new car, and we will pay attention to the vehicle in the future.