China Court Ruled the Ripoff of Landwind X7, Chinese Range Rover Evoque will Stop Selling

The current 2018 Landwind X7

Landwind, a Chinese car brand from Jiangling Motors, launched a new SUV Land Wind X7 in 2015, which was as same as Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover slammed the copycat Landwind (Jiangling Motors) to the local court, now 4 years later, Beijing Chaoyang District Court officially ruled that Jiangling Motors must stop production, stop selling Landwind X7, and pay large sums of compensation to Land Rover, although this “judicial justice” comes a bit late, it should also be able to scare off other Chinese copycat car manufacturers.

Landwind X7 debuted at Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2014. Due to the amazing similarities, it was known as the biggest news of Guangzhou Auto Show in that year. The imported version of Range Rover Evoque has already been sold in the Chinese market. Subsequently, Range Rover Evoque became the first SUV to be produced in China by Jaguar Land Rover. The China version was launched in 2015.

Landwind X7 had once a hot sales after its launch. Landwind claimed that the number of orders for X7 exceeded 10,000 after two weeks of listing. But then Landwind X7 sales fell. According to report, the sales volume of the Landwind X7 was only 5611 in 2018, a decrease of 76% from 2017. Range Rover Evoque sold more than 10,000 vehicles in 2018.

The appearance and interior of Landwind X7 can be said to be the same as Range Rover Evoque, but the price is less than one-third of its “original” Range Rover Evoque model. Let’s take a look at How Landwind X7 looks like, this is the Landwind X7 2015:

Range Rover Evoque (left) & Landwind X7 2015 (right)
Range Rover Evoque (left) & Landwind X7 2015 (right)
Range Rover Evoque (down) & Landwind X7 2015 (up)

China is paying more and more attention on the patent property rights plagiarism. Chinese automobile industry needs to develop but it cannot rely on only copycat, they have follow their own original development path. Landwind is definitely not the only case, we’ve also reported such as Zotye Auto, its really much another copycat company, check here: Zotye – China’s Famous Copycat Automaker, How Many Vehicles he copied?

Landwind was jointly established by Jiangling Motors and Changan Automobile in 2004. The joint venture company is called Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd., and each of them holds 50% of the shares.

Interior of Landwind X7 2018

At present, the official price range of Landwind X7 is 129,800 to 147,800 RMB (around USD19,300 – 22,000), while price of Range Rover Evoque starts at 375,800 RMB(around USD56,000) in China market, the price is about 3 times of Landwind X7. Distributor of Landwind told us that X7 is currently selling normally and has not received a notice to stop selling.