JMC Debuted Its First All-Electric Pickup – the YUHU EV Based on YUHU-7


Jiangling Motors (JMC) released its new pure electric pickup at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the JMC YUHU EV (or “域虎”, T500EV )model, YUHU EV basically follows the design style of the fuel version YUHU 7.

In terms of appearance, JMC YUHU EV is built on YUHU 7. The complex grille structure can successfully grasp people’s visual focus. Compared with the YUHU 7, the YUHU EV uses a sky blue decorative strip inside the air intake grille, which represents the identity of new energy vehicle. The new car has a wheelbase of 3085m, a minimum ground clearance of 225mm, and an approach angle and a departure angle of 28.5° and 25°, respectively.

The shape of the headlights is quite sharp, which makes it unquestionable fierceness. The headlights adopt a far and near-light split halogen light source, and the low beam lamp is equipped with a lens.

The front fog lights and the surrounding design layout are also very complicated. The round front fog lights are surrounded by LED daytime running lights.

The rear-view mirrors support electric adjustment and electric folding, turn signal lights area also integrated.

The high-position brake light is located above the crossbeam of the truck bed. The design is very reasonable and can avoid the obstruction of the light inside the truck bed.

Hooks are provided on both sides of truck bed to provide an anchor point for the ropes that bundle the goods.

The internal dimensions of truck bed are 1475×1475×500mm, and the surface of truck bed liner is very thick, which can achieve better anti-corrosion and wear-resisting effect.

The shape of the taillights is quite satisfactory. It adopts the double-rectangular two layer structure design, and well integrated with the overall line.

The real shot model uses Chaoyang tires, and the 265/65 R17, tire width is amazing. YUHU EV also uses front and rear disc brakes, this configuration is also very competitive.

In terms of power, YUHU EV is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 120kW(160HP), max. torque of 800N.m.

Matching with a fixed gear ratio transmission, the design of the gear lever is very nice.

The JMC YUHU EV uses a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 66kWh. The vehicle has a cruising range of 198 miles(320 km) under NEDC conditions. In terms of charging time, it takes about 40 minutes for charging from 0 to 80% in fast charging mode, and about 8 hours to full power in slow charging mode.

In terms of chassis, YUHU EV adopts the double wishbone independent suspension and the rear leaf spring non-independent suspension.

The center console of the symmetrical design is neat.

The multi-function steering wheel is wrapped in leather for a good grip and comfort, and the interior is finished with a silver matte panel that enhances overall texture.

YUHU EV supports both normal and economical driving mode selections, the headlight height adjustment and the dashboard brightness adjustment knob is nearby.

The function buttons in the central control area are very compact. The 8-inch multimedia display supports mobile phone interconnection, audio control and navigation.