Zotye – China’s Famous Copycat Automaker, How Many Vehicles he copied?


As almost all Chinese know, Zotye’s brilliant road of “reverse development” is actually not brilliant. It is believed that Zotye’s current best-selling car is not even a “reverse development”, but a naked ripoff. In the history of Zotye’s vehicle development for more than a decade, copycat products have a very high proportion in its development. From the low end to the high end, the copycat models are getting more and more high-end. Don’t believe? then let’s take a look.

Zotye Z100 VS Suzuki Alto
The left side is SUZUKI Alto, the right side is Zotye Z100

Z100 is the early model of Zotye, the prototype is Suzuki Alto, which is a compact vehicle. Zotye Z100 totally ripoff Suzuki Alto, just because of the difference in some molds, which caused the only differences on the rear door, the headlights and taillights.

Zotye T600 VS Volkswagen Touareg + Audi Q5
The up one is Zotye T600, the below one is Touareg from Volkswagen

This is “Zotye T600” version of Touareg, as the first medium-sized SUV of Zotye, its front face is almost the same as Touareg.

The side of car is much similar to Audi Q5

Zotye is also very intimate, knowing that some car owners may want to change the grille, they released “Land Rover” installation kit, then Zotye T600 comes to a “Land Rover”:

Zotye SR7 VS Audi Q3

After ripoff Volkswagen Touareg, Zotye went to Audi, look at the picture below, it looks much like Audi Q3, but it is Zotye SR7!

I have to say that this time Zotye had done a lot of hard work, it seems that Zotye SR7 is much more beautiful than Q3, the student surpasses the master!!

Not only these models, even much more powerful models comes:

Zotye SR9 VS Porsche Macan
Zotye SR9

In fact, the most obvious difference between Zotye SR9 and Porsche Macan is the location of the vehicle license plate, license plate of Zotye SR9 is in the middle position, Macan is in the lower position.

Zotye SR9 Interior
Macan interior

Not only the appearance but also the interiror, it is almost the same.

When I remembered a news before saying that a Chinese traffic police has seen the illegally modified Zotye SR9 through the license position 🙂

Zotye T700 VS Range Rover Evoque

In terms of appearance, the front face design of Zotye T700 adopts the grille element of Mercedes-Benz, the overall effect is not bad, especially with this headlight, it looks very simple and generous. The body dimensions are 4748×1933×1680mm and the wheelbase is 2850mm.

Anyway when you look at the side of the car, Zotye T700 is right a Range Rover Evoque, the brothers are like a mirror: waistline, rearview mirror, side headlights, rear taillights, slip-back style, suspended roof.

Zotye Z700 VS Audi A6
Zotye Z700
Audi A6L

Except the front face, Zotye Z700 is almost as same as Audi A6L, it seems different each other from front side, but when you get to the rear side of the car, they seems brothers.

Zotye Z700 Interior
Audi A6L 2018

It is almost the same in interior compering to Audi A6L.

Even the power system, Zotye Z700 is powered by 1.8T engine + 6DCT, there’s also the same power system on Audi A6L, anyway, but the actual condition are totally different.

Zotye Z700 price starts at only 99800RMB.

Zotye Zhima E30 VS Smart Fortwo
Smart Fortwo

Not only fuel vehicle, but also the electric vehicle, Zotye Zhima E30 electric car is also ripoff Smart Fortwo in somewhat aspect. We can see the appearance is similar to Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo. It can be said that there is really no difference in appearance, but there will be some differences in the inside.

“Zotye Auto rely on the nature and the tao think beauty tiancheng “brand-new design idea, makes the internationalization the family-run front grille design and DNA elements; Zotye auto has fully started from” Chinese products “to” China brand “campaign, in the face of a global car market a new round of change and layout, improve product international competitiveness, gathering strength in shaping the world famous brands.”

This is the brief introduction from Zotye Auto official website, what do you think of this Chinese auto manufacturer?