JAC’s New Pickup Exposed Or Named T9


Recent unofficial images show a new JAC large pickup marked as JAC T9 (Shuai Ling T9 in the Chinese market), a possible follow up to JAC T8. The speculations that the new pickup truck may eventually be called JAC T9 have not been ruled out.

Appearance-wise, the rumored JAC T9 employs a more radical design than the T8. From the front, the look is all about power, using a lot of black accents; a tough-looking front grille; a split headlight more commonly used in passenger cars; LED turn signals/daytime running lights; and front fog lights. Full LED headlamps are expected to be used on the higher models of the T9 pickup.

From the side, the T9 carries a fuzzy logo on the fender; a black wheel eyebrow hood linked to the front; as well as a long cargo compartment frame and outer anchor points. .
It is expected that the T9 will be offered in a variety of models such as standard cargo, long cargo, two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, etc.

The interior shape is a T design; with clear parallel lines. A large-sized central control screen dominates the interior; while the three-spoke steering wheel mirrors that of the handsome bell T9. The handlebar carries multiple function buttons on both sides.

The T9 will be built on the new platform of the JAC JL31 with an over 1900mm body width. The configuration will come equipped with electronic handbrake; Bosch version 9.3 body stability control system; Eaton differential lock; electric sunroof; large-size central control screen; electric tailgate unlocking; keyless entry; one-button activation; and smart listening 3.5 car networking system – all common features found on JAC passenger cars.

The JAC T8 on Chinese market

Under the hood, the T9 will be equipped with a combination of 2.5T + 6MT and 6AT. Two-wheel and four-wheel-drive models will be made available.