JAC T6/Frison & T8 Pickup Electric Version To Enter Brazilian Market in 2020

This is the JAC T8 pickup from JAC Motors

Recently, InsideEVs reported that JAC Motors will launch a new electric pickup truck, iEV330P, in the Brazilian market in April 2020. However, the pictures of the models appearing in this news are pictures of JAC T8 pickup, it just puts the word “iEV330P” at the front license frame.

The JAC “iEV330P” debuted on InsideEVs is right the same as JAC T8

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The news pointed out that the model named iEV330P will be exclusively for the Brazilian market, its size is similar to that of the Ford Ranger, the body size is 5320/1830/1820mm, the wheelbase is 3090mm, and the truck bed size is 1520mm (length)1520mm (width) 470mm (deep), it also mentioned that “iEV330P” is based on JAC T6/Frison fuel version.

JAC T6/Frion:

Anyway, JAC T6/Frison is not the pictures in news named iEV330P, the iEV330P in the picture it JAC’s new pickup, the JAC T8, which is positioned higher than JAC T6/Frison, although T8 & T6 has very similar size and same wheelbase, JAC T8 has better interior trims.

The official says JAC T6/Frison is a new generation of high-end pickup trucks, JAC Motors integrates global resources, based on the international sixth-generation body design, and has been newly developed by the US, Italy and Japan R&D center, JAC T6/Frison made its debut at the Shanghai International Auto Show on April 20, 2015.

JAC T6/Frison current selling in Chinese market is 2018 model year, 2018 JAC T6/Frison has no change in appearance with outgoing model, it still maintains a rough appearance. The length, width and height of the body are 5315mm, 1830mm, 1815mm, and the wheelbase is 3090mm. In addition, truck bed size are 1520mm, 1520mm and 470mm. Price of JAC T6/Frison starts at 85,800 to 127,800 yuan (~US$12,082 – US$17,997).

JAC T6/Frison Interior – High trim

For the interior, JAC T6/Frison pickup has a sedan-like design. The interior is more refined and the configuration is more user-friendly, the barrel-type instrument panel, integrated driving computer, displays detailed information. In terms of configuration, JAC T6/Frison come standard with ABS+EBD, reversing radar, leather seats, multi-function steering wheel, etc. The high trim models are equipped with dual airbags, GPS navigation, 7-inch display, Bluetooth phone and reversing images.

2018 JAC T6/Frison China version is powered by both 2.0T diesel and gasoline engine, max. power of 2.0T gasoline version is 140kW (187hp) and peak torque of 290N.m, matching 6-speed manual gearbox; the 2.0T diesel engine has max. power of 102kW (136hp) and peak torque of 320N.m, matching 5/6-speed MT gearbox, this is the same power combination as JAC T8

This is 2018 JAC iEV6E, a mini pure electric hatchback

In addition to the iEV330P, it revealed that JAC will also launch four other electric models in the Brazilian market, including a miniature electric vehicle called the iEV20, according to the picture, the iEV20 should be the JAC iEV6E sports version in Chinese market, as well as the model called the iEV40 (or the JAC iEV7S in Chinese market), and the so-called iEV60 (or the JAC iEVS4) and an electric light truck called iEV 1200T.

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