Teaser Image of GWM’s New SUV: WEY VV7 GT PRO


Recently, we obtained the application information of WEY VV7 GT PRO from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new car has added exterior kits to the front face, sideways and rear, which looks significantly different from the VV7 GT. In terms of power, the new car is still equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 227 horsepower.

From the appearance point of view, you will never be confused between WEY VV7 GT PRO and VV7 GT. On the basis of continuing the design of the VV7 GT, the new car has made several changes under the headlights. Such as the dew-claw-style fog lamp area, the front lip shaped like a diffuser, and the sharp sides surrounding it, which brings a strong offensiveness.

On the side of the body, we notice that the new car is equipped with black side skirts and black wheel arches to enhance the sense of sport. Looking at the rear of the car, the new car’s taillights are suspected of being blackened. At the same time, the rear bumper is similar in shape to the front lip element, and is equipped with two bilateral exhaust ports. In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, height of 4820/1965 / 1672mm and a wheelbase of 2950mm.

In terms of configuration, WEY VV7 GT PRO differs in luggage racks, side window trims, and rim styles. In terms of power, the new car continues to be equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine that can meet the national six emission standards, with a maximum power of 227 horsepower, which is consistent with the VV7 GT.