Haval Concept H Concept Car Debuts in India

GWM Haval Concept H Concept Car Debutes in India

This is Haval Concept H from Greatwall Motors.#GWM #Haval #GreatWallMotors #Conceptcar #HavalConceptH #India(The video is from youtube, refer to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIp7L3MitxM, we will not use for commerical, plz inform us if infringing)

China Car News 发布于 2020年2月5日周三

Yesterday (February 5), the Haval Concept H concept car debuts in India. The design style of the new car and the existing models of the Haval brand are obviously different, it is intended to show the design trend of the next generation model and face the global market.

From the appearance of the concept car, we can still see the genes of the Haval brand’s current model, but it is more muscular. Haval Concept H concept car features a large-sized grille, the interior is filled with divergent chrome dots, which looks very domineering; the grille is also integrated with the front headlight group shaped by a polyline, and the interior of the lamp group is filled with granular light sources, showing a sharp style. It is worth noting that the interior of the headlight group, the fog lamp area and the air intake below are all decorated with blue elements, which adds a sense of fashion, but it may indicate to a certain extent that this is a pure electric vehicle. In addition, the raised ribs on the hood seemed powerful.

On the side of the body, the new car adopts a full design style, with a segmented design waist line, which enhances the sense of sport. In addition, Haval Concept H is equipped with large-size wheels with chrome and bright black elements. At the rear of the car, the new car features a three-dimensional taillight design, the internal structure is more complicated and LED light sources are added. The rear part is still large-area white, but the design of the rear lower guard still brings a certain sense of movement.

For the interior, Haval Concept H is designed with a sense of technology and youthfulness. It is not difficult to see that its main target user group is expected to be young consumers. In detail, the new car features a three-spoke steering wheel, anyway it doesn’t look ordinary, but has a sense of design; the large floating screen is still eye-catching, with the air-conditioning control panel below, it is full of technology. In addition, the new car has added golden yellow painting to the center control panel, air outlet, door panel and central armrest area, bringing a certain touch. In terms of power, the official only revealed that this is a product that demonstrates electrification and intelligence, so it is not ruled out that it will be equipped with a pure electric system.