GWM’s Teaser Images for New Model: Or the New-gen Haval H5


Recently, we obtained a set of spy photos of renderings of new Haval models from Chinese social platforms. It is reported that the new car will be a new generation of Haval H5. Compared with the current models, the new car will have a very big change in appearance.

Haval H5, as the “starting work” of the Great Wall Motors Haval brand, the first generation model was officially released in 2010. Since then, as the Haval brand product line has become increasingly rich, Haval H5 has gradually separated from the mainstream SUV array. The renderings of this exposure represent that this “classic Haval” will return to our sight, but unlike the current model, the new generation of Haval H5 will feature a completely different appearance design style, which is more biased than the existing H series of urban SUV style, the new Haval H5 rugged style is more unique.

Specifically, the suspected new Haval H5 in the spy shots uses a very tough overall design style. Its front face is divided into three areas, the center is a large-sized polygonal dark mesh, and the internal three-frame grille is designed with chrome, the “HAVAL” logo is also dark. The new car’s round headlights are integrated into the grille on both sides, making the entire front face very simple and visually interesting.

From another picture, the convex front bumper of the new car is designed with black plastic, which is integrated with the side wheel arches and side skirts. At the same time, the new car will also be equipped with a roof rack and panoramic sunroof. From the spy photos, it is certain that the new Haval H5 will adopt a completely different style and design ideas from the current models, and the overall orientation is also different from the existing H series models. We believe that the off-road appearance design can expand the broader user market for new cars.