Great Wall GWPERI 1.3 Review & Test Drive – The City Fairy (2)


In contrast, GWPERI looks lovely in many aspects of its interior design. Fashion and novel heart-shaped center console almost contain all control buttons together, including the shift gear. This tradition place where lays the shift gear box position was vacant out, so the front seats do not seem so crowd, sense of space suddenly strengthened, the three-spoke steering wheel also hint vehicle’s dynamic characteristics.

Heart-shaped button on the center console layout is reasonable, size does not change because of the car’s small, it’s easy for driver to control and observation. Shades of the interior style very much in line with Chinese characteristics, light-colored velvet chairs obviously are more suitable for cold winter, the warm feeling will make passengers sweet in home. It is worth mentioning that the GWPERI of driving space: multi-position adjustable for front seats in the case it can meet the driver’s head and leg space, it is not surprising.

The key important is the rear seat space, although the width of the rear space is not enough to take three adults, the height of 1.75m can actually sit in it and give legs good room, and we have to know the GWPERI is only 2299mm in wheelbase (Chery QQ(another Chinese Brand)’s Wheelbase is 2340mm), so it’s really effective in space utilization. As the aspect of luggage space, in the same file more than 200L model case, the GWPERI’s volume up to 206L to the top while other same-level configuration car’ are lower than 200L.

Expressing the autonomy of the Great Wall GWPERI best performance of R & D should come from the match of engine. GWPERI is powered by the 1.3L engine which was independently developed by Great Wall Motors themself, Great Wall Motors said that this self-developed GW4G13 engine has successfully completed 200 hours of full speed & full load test, 400 hours, 600 hours of alternating load engine durability test, and other pilot projects .

The engine’s performance data is very beautiful, 65kW maximum power and maximum torque of 115N.m, even reached the level of some of 1.6L models’ level, it has been greatly looking forward on it’s power performance. After it’s on fire, GWPERI has a slight vibration while it is under idling, shifting strength of the gear is light, flexibility is a little in deficiency while shifting into gear position, the good news is that the clear gear position does not make me to difficult to shift the gear position.

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Great Wall GWPERI 1.3 Review & Test Drive – The City Fairy (3)
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