Great Wall GW4G15 Review | Similar to 1NZ-FE


Many customers would consider that GW4G15 engine was the same as Mitsubishi 4G15 engine due to the same engine name, well, it’s negative. In fact Great Wall GW4G15 engine was not originated from Mitsubishi 4G series, even it is quite different at mechanical design, they are only similar in name. This time we will take a detail look at the GW4G15 engine from Great Wall Motors and how you how exact it is performance.

The 1st Self-developed VVT Engine

GW4G15 engine is the 1st VVT variable valve small displacement engine, it is not the copy of Toyota 1.5L 5A engine, it refers to the 4th generation engine from Toyota – Toyota NZ series.

Toyota 1NZ-FE Engine | The same machine design tells us that GW4G15 was right a duplication of Toyota 1NZ-FE

1.497 Liter on displacement, 75mm * 84.7mm cylinder bore & stroke and the same machine design as Toyota 1NZ-FE tell us that Great Wall GW4G15 is just a copycat from Toyota. The same as Toyota 1NZ-FE, GW4G15 adopts 4 Cylinder in line, DOHC and 16 valves structure, cylinder block and cover are aluminium alloy, at intake & exhaust manifold side, it uses the same inverted type design, in addition, intake manifold uses engineering plastic.

The same 4-cylinder in line, DOHC, 16-valves structure as Toyota 1NZ-FE, aluminium alloy materials on cylinder block & cover
Inverted type design on Great Wall GW4G15 engine, the intake manifold placed in front side can obtain higher oxygen content in favor of full combustion so that reduce the emission
Single-rhythmeur Independent ignition system is used on GW4G15 as same as Toyota.

As for power, Great Wall GW4G15’s max power is 77kW, max torque is 138N.m, power per liter reaches 51kW/L, moreover Toyota 1NZ-FE engine’s max power is 80kW, max torque is 140N.m.

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