ZEEKR 007 officially launched, priced at 209,900-299,900 yuan


On December 27, 2023, ZEEKR‘s first pure electric sedan, ZEEKR 007, was officially launched. This car adopts 800V architecture, the maximum cruising range can reach 870km, the 0-100km/h acceleration time is as short as 2.84 seconds, and it is equipped with Snapdragon 8295 chip and supports advanced intelligent driving assistance system. The ZEEKR 007 has launched five models, all of which are equipped with phosphate iron lithium Jinzhuan battery (75kWh) except for the performance version, with a price range of 209,900-299,900 yuan. The ternary lithium Qilin battery (100kWh) optional price is 30,000 yuan, and the limited-time purchase benefits are 20,000 yuan off. The new car will start delivery on January 1, 2024, and the delivery time of the four-wheel drive performance version will be about half a month later.

New design language, minimalist luxury style

Compared to ZEEKR’s previous products, ZEEKR 007 adopts a new design language, which also makes it more independent of the brand identity.

The new design language is called “Hidden Energy” minimalist luxury style, which focuses on “hidden and simple”. For example, the front face adopts a hidden through-face design, and the headlights and 90-inch smart headlights form the main visual identification of the front face, and are also perfectly integrated with the body. If you choose a dark paint, the above effect is more obvious.

This smart headlight has 1,711 LED lamp beads, with a refresh rate of 30 frames per second. The headlight supports personalized customized lighting language and multi-mode lighting language functions, and interacts with the outside world. To a certain extent, it also gave it a custom front face, which made “the lighting factory” silent.

The length, width and height of the ZEEKR 007 are 4,865/1,900/1,450mm, and the wheelbase is 2,928mm. The 1/2 wheel height ratio, the 1,049mm long rear overhang, and the front and rear 1,635mm/1,650mm wheelbase also make this car have a good body posture.

In detail, this car uses frameless electric exterior rearview mirrors, hidden water cut, hidden door handle, etc., which makes its side look very simple. The sloping roof also adopts a floating design, which enhances the overall sportiness and luxury.

In the sloping roof, a two-stage sunroof is integrated, and the size of the rear windshield glass even reaches 1.69 square meters. The official said that this glass is the first in the industry to embed nano-silver insulation film and gradient privacy film in double-layer glass at the same time, taking into account heat insulation and privacy protection. I hope that such a design can really say goodbye to the situation of many large sunroofs baking the brain in summer.

The rear of the car does not have the traditional LOGO, and the ZEEKR English logo is placed at the bottom of the rear windshield. The through-type taillights are very narrow, and they are integrated into the tail line. In order to make the rear not too monotonous, the lower part of the taillights on the car body is also added with a diamond-patterned decorative style. It is worth mentioning that ZEEKR 007 adopts a clamshell tailgate, which has a larger opening and the rear end is more complete visually, which is relatively rare on traditional cars.

The performance version will have exclusive design features. It has a kung fu yellow body color, orange and gray interior color scheme, uses 20-inch performance forged wheels, the tire size is 245/40 ZR20 front and 265/35 ZR20 rear, and the front wheels use Akebono four-piston calipers.

Technology + comfort, give overseas brands a little surprise

In recent years, Chinese brands, especially new forces, have spared no effort in terms of materials, creating a stronger sense of luxury.

The interior of the ZEEKR 007 will use Microfiber ultra-fine suede for the headliner, and the seats are made of Nappa leather with double-stitching. The metal coat hooks and the exquisite eyeglass box also enhance the sense of luxury. The interior atmosphere lights have 14 places and support 64-color adjustment.

The simple design language is also reflected in the interior, such as the cancellation of most physical buttons, which are either replaced by touch screens or use touch design. The lever for lowering the windows is also simple in shape. Of course, not all consumers like the cancellation of physical buttons.

The new car has a liquid crystal instrument panel, a 35.5-inch AR-HUD head-up display system, and a 15.05-inch 2.5K OLED central control screen. The central control screen supports left and right rotation. Hidden behind the screen is the 8295 intelligent cockpit platform. Recently released new cars without the 8295 chip seem to be no match, except for overseas brands. Based on this computing platform, ZEEKR introduced AI large-model technology for this car, which can bring stronger interaction capabilities than traditional car systems. In addition, ZEEKR has created the OS 6.0 operating system, which supports up to 64 App resident background, and has the industry’s only three-screen SR real-time rendering.

In terms of sound, the ZEEKR 007 uses self-developed high-end audio, providing a 7.1.4 audio system with 21 speakers, and supports Dolby surround sound. In addition, the ZEEKR 007 will be the first in its class to launch car-mounted satellite communication.

Smart driving and safety, NZP highway navigation opens immediately upon delivery

The new car is based on the PMA2+ platform, which gives it more powerful expansion capabilities.

Equipped with a lidar, the new car has a higher-level intelligent driving assistance system. It is equipped with the Orin X intelligent driving chip, which has a computing power of 508TOPS, and the sensing components include 1 lidar, 12 high-definition cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars.

The official said that the nationwide NZP (Navigation ZEEKR Pilot) will be open for delivery immediately. When the vehicle is turned on, ZEEKR’s NZP highway navigation can, based on the navigation route, complete autonomous lane changes, autonomous entry and exit ramps, and other operations in closed roads covered by the intelligent driving map under the supervision of the driver, to achieve point-to-point assisted driving in the area covered by the map. Compared to some new forces, ZEEKR is relatively conservative in terms of urban intelligent driving.

Under the vast intelligent driving, the official said that the city NZP will be open for public testing in June 2024, and the commuting mode will be the first function to be publicly tested.

ZEEKR has launched the Fingertip Parking feature, which is officially called “the most down-to-earth intelligent parking in the industry,” which can be used to park in various complex parking spaces. In addition, for parking in three-dimensional parking spaces, public testing will be opened in March 2024.

In terms of the body, ZEEKR 007 and ZEEKR 009 share a 7200-ton super-large die-casting machine, which has an integrated rear-end aluminum body. While improving the overall rigidity, it also reduces 84 parts and 820 welding points.

Battery safety is also a point that many friends who are buying new energy vehicles are very entangled. ZEEKR currently still maintains a record of zero self-ignition with over 170,000 cumulative deliveries. Not long ago, ZEEKR officially released the Jinzhuan battery. This lithium iron phosphate battery has 8 thermal safety protection technologies, namely real-time control, automatic warning, cloud monitoring, millisecond power cut, multi-layer insulation, active cooling, unobstructed heat dissipation, and efficient heat absorption. We also hope that ZEEKR’s record of zero self-ignition can continue to be updated.

Affordable performance? 2.84 seconds to break 100

In the era of electric vehicles, performance seems to be becoming increasingly affordable, and the power output of a million-dollar supercar can even be achieved on an electric car at less than one-tenth of its price.

ZEEKR 007 is built on an 800V architecture and is equipped with the same carbon fiber rear motor as the ZEEKR 001FR. Specifically, the motor power of the rear-wheel drive single-motor version can reach 310kW, and the maximum power of the front and rear motors of the four-wheel drive dual-motor version is 165kW and 310kW, respectively. In terms of acceleration performance, the rear-wheel drive single-motor version has a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.4 seconds, and the four-wheel drive dual-motor version has a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 2.84 seconds. (Note: ZEEKR officially stated that the above 2.84 seconds is the standard condition without the first-foot start time.)

In terms of battery, thanks to the all-domain 800V architecture and matching 800V extreme charging technology, the Jinzhuan battery has a maximum charging power of 500kW and a maximum charging rate of 4.5C. In the 10%-80% fast charging range, it can achieve a charging time of 15 minutes and a range increase of more than 500km. The Jinzhuan battery is the world’s fastest charging speed mass-produced lithium iron phosphate battery. In terms of specific endurance, the rear-wheel drive version of ZEEKR 007 has a CLTC working condition comprehensive range of 688km, and the optional ternary lithium battery has a CLTC working condition comprehensive range of up to 870km.