Geely GX6 GLEAGLE Glance|Gleagle Super Crossover


Gleagle GX6

Geely Gleagle GX6 is new model which was just revealed on Shanghai Auto Show 2011, it’s also a crossover vehicle, a collection of Hatchback,Wagon,SUV and MPV functions. and also a set of passengercar, wagon car, SUV and MPV. it has either economy or good manoeuvring, and the practicality of an wagon car, and the trafficability of an SUV, large space of an MPV, it can be said an family use, Function unbounded super crossover model.

GX6: Crossover Vehicle
The head face of Gleagle GX6 is really unique and exaggerated, the grill is with the style of Geely sports car. the design is an GT and GS butterfly shape.

GX6 - Super Crossover Model
The wheel base of GX6 is 2461mm, the body demension are 4120*1755*1600mm, will equip with JLβ-4G15 & JLβ-4G13T engine. 5MT,6MT 4AT and DCT gear box will be available on it.
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