Geely Emgrand GL Will Release PHEV Version


We have obtained a set of images for Geely Emgrand GL PHEV version, which is very similar to the previously exposed fuel version of 2019 Emgrand GL, differences are only in some details.

The front face of Emgrand GL PHEV uses the family-style so-called “expanding cosmos” grille, incorporating chrome decoration, visual effects are outstanding. The difference is that in the bumper part, unlike the fuel version, the trapezoidal air inlet on the lower side are designed with a horizontal chrome decoration in the middle position.

In other respects, the side of the body did not change much. The main difference is the addition of the “PLUG IN” LOGO at the side door position. On the tail part, the chrome trim between the taillights is engraved with the words “GEELY”.

In configuration, the new Emgrand GL PHEV will be featured with sunroof, front and rear camera, ACC, panoramic image and so on. The power is equipped with a hybrid system with a 1.5T engine, the engine has a maximum power of 130kW, and the power battery part uses a ternary lithium battery, the capacity of battery group is not yet claimed.