GAC Announced Price of All-New Trumpchi GA6 , To be Listed in China Market Soon


On July 20th, the 2019 all-new GAC Trumpchi GA6 started pre-sale, the new car is powered by 1.5T engine, a total of 5 models were launched, pre-sale price ranges 116,800-169,800 yuan (~US$16,973 – US$24,675). The all-new Trumpchi GA6 is the second-generation model, we have introduced in our previous post: GAC Released 2019 All-New Trumpchi GA6, to Carry with L2 Auto Driving System. It adopts the latest family design of “Flying 3.0 Dynamic”, as well as the brand new “twin-screen” design on central control and instrument panel, the new car will be available in the third quarter in China market.

Comparing to the outgoing GA6, the area of the air intake grille has increased a lot. a thicker and brighter chrome-plated decoration has also been added, the front headlights on both sides use a full LED light source, and the three lens-equipped light groups in the lamp cavity have outstanding visual effects.

The new GA6 has a length, width and height of 4891/1850/1505mm and wheelbase of 2815mm, it is much bigger than the outgoing model.

In the rear end of the car, all-new GA6 adopts the popular bar-style taillight design, the taillights also use LED light source. The lighting effect is outstanding after lighting up at night. The exhaust pipe has a hidden design, it is actually bilateral double exhaust layout.

The highlight of the interior is the twin-screen design on the central console, the huge dual screen design is the focus of the new car interior. However, it is also very elegant in terms of materials and workmanship. A high level of balance is achieved in the sense of technology, luxury, and quality. There are also very rich configurations.

In the power section, the all-new GAC Trumpchi GA6 is powered by a 1.5T engine with maximum output of 124kW (169Ps) and peak torque of 265Nm. The transmission is matched with the Aisin 6-speed automatic manual transmission instead of the 7-DCT on old model and features an electronic gear lever. The chassis adopts the structure of the former McPherson + rear multi-link.

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