GAC AION Enters the Hong Kong Market, Deploying Over 300 1,000V Electric Vehicle Supercharging Stations


On January 29, 2024, GAC AION announced its entry into the Hong Kong market, with the launch of AION Y Plus in Hong Kong. In addition, the Hyper HT and Hyper SSR models were also unveiled.

GAC AION announced that it is the first automaker to deploy over 300 1,000V-electric vehicle supercharging stations in Hong Kong. The company also plans to open six sales and service centers and brand stores in Hong Kong this year.

GAC AION’s first showroom in Hong Kong opened in Kowloon Bay, located in the First Group Center, a commercial building in East Kowloon.

In his speech, GAC International CEO Wei Haigang shared GAC Group’s internationalization strategy and development plans for the Hong Kong market. He said: “Today, we are officially launching new products in Hong Kong, which is a testament to our commitment to the Hong Kong market. We want to bring the best technology and best models to Hong Kong consumers. In addition to the current AION models, we will also introduce more pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and other types of new energy vehicles to meet the diversified needs of the Hong Kong market. In the future, with Hong Kong as a strategic base, we will continue to expand our presence in the Asia-Pacific new energy market and further deepen our internationalization strategy.”