GAC Released 2019 All-New Trumpchi GA6, to Carry with L2 Auto Driving System


In the field of Chinese compact SUV market, the performance of Chinese independent brands is indeed very strong. Nearly half of the top 10 list is Chinese brand, but in the sedan sector, especially the medium-sized sedan, the overall performance of the Chinese independent brands is relatively inferior, although there are also corresponding product launches, such as GAC Trumpchi GA6, but the sales volume has a big gap with the joint venture vehicle. Trumpchi GA6 was first listed in 2014, now the monthly sales volume is about a few hundred. After five years, Trumpchi GA6 finally comes with all new generation in 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

Compared with the 2016 Trumpchi GA6 models currently on sale, the front face of the 2019 all new Trumpchi GA6 has changed a lot. 2019 all-new Trumpchi GA6 adopts the family-owned design Flying 3.0 Dynamic grille, the overall effect is more fashionable and refined. The size of grille has been increased, it has a thicker chrome finish than outgoing model, it is connected to the headlights on both sides, which looks very fashionable.

The new car is equipped with three matrix headlights and a long LED daytime running light on the top, showing a wing-like visual effect; the fog light area has also been redesigned, the wing-like shape looks quite tough.

The vehicle side has not changed much, the body proportion is still coordinated, the overall shape is slightly monotonous, far less attractive than the current coupe style. The exterior mirrors are integrated with the turn signals.

However, in terms of body size, the all-new Trumpchi GA6 can be said to have greatly improved, the length, width and height are respectively 4891/1850/1505mm, the wheelbase is 2815mm, much bigger than the outgoing model, although it is not as big as Honda Accord, It is not difficult to see that the new car is also in line with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and other joint venture vehicles.

The tail shape is relatively simple, the popular through-type taillights are not absent, there is a chrome-plated decoration on the top, which looks great. The chrome-plated exhaust is also designed at the bottom, which plays a very good role for decoration, but the actual exhaust is a hidden design.

The all-new Trumpchi GA6 is carried with L2 automatic assisted driving function, The all new GA6 is equipped with multiple laser radars, millimeter wave radars and cameras in the front, rearview mirrors and rear. This also provides more vision and data support for the L2 automatic assisted driving function.

The interior of all new Trumpchi GA6 features current popular dual screen center console, button start, multi-function steering wheel, electronic parking brake and AUTO HOLD.

The integrated dual 12.3-inch large screen and built-in vehicle smart system, with personalized customized audio-visual content, travel intelligent and social information services. In addition, it also has a set of AI voice co-driver and Harman custom hi-fi system. 2019 all-new Trumpchi GA6 has also been replaced with a new electronic gear.

In terms of power, 2019 all new Trumpchi GA6 will be powered by the 4A15M1 and 4A15J1 1.5liter turbocharged engines which are as same as Trumpchi GS5, matched with the Aisin 6AT gearbox or 6MT gearbox. The 4A15M1 engine was mounted on some earlier Trumpchi models with maximum power of 112kW (150HP) and peak torque of 235N·m. The updated 4A15J1 1.5liter turbo engine has maximum power of 124kW (166HP) and peak torque of 265N·m. In addition, according to the catalogue, its fuel consumption per 100km is only 6.3L.

It is said 2019 all new Trumpchi GA6 will be listed in the 3rd quarter of 2019.