GAC released the flying car GOVE


GAC Group publicly demonstrated the flying car project for the first time on the Science and Technology Day, and the flying car GOVE completed the world’s first flight.

The flying car GOVE released at the GAC TECH DAY 2023 adopts a very innovative flying car configuration design – a separate body configuration, its flight cabin and chassis can be freely separated and combined.

Distributed multi-rotor configuration design can be seen on the domestic flying car pioneer – XPENG AEROHT’s XEPNG T1, X1, and X2.

The flight cabin body of GAC GOVE is made of carbon fiber composite materials in order to achieve the ultimate lightweight and further improve the air mobility and battery life.

90% of GOVE’s flight cabin is made of lightweight composite materials, and it is equipped with a triple-redundancy flight control system (there are three sets of flight control systems, which serve as backups for each other, and can continue to fly if two of them break down). GOVE uses an ultra-high-definition multi-eye camera array to realize rapid identification of long-distance obstacles to improve the flight safety and stability of the flight cabin.

According to the data of GAC Research Institute, using flying cars to travel from Guangzhou GAC Automobile Center to Shenzhen Huawei headquarters (Linear distance is around 90km), the time spent is shortened from 2 hours to more than 30 minutes; from Guangzhou Zhujiang New City CBD to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 40 minutes shortened to 8 minutes. It can be seen that flying cars can greatly reduce the increase in travel time caused by traffic congestion, and further expand the scope of the one-hour economic circle in the Greater Bay Area.