AION Hyper SSR is going to be the “China’s No. 1 Supercar”


Update: On October 9th 2023, the new supercar under GAC AION, Hyper SSR, was officially launched, with three versions including the Speed Edition and the Track Edition, priced between 1.286 to 1.686 million yuan (approx. US$176,350 – US$231,202).

Contrary to many people’s expectations, “China’s No. 1 supercar” came out so suddenly, and it was realized by GAC AION, which we had never expected.

When Chinese talk about GAC AION, it was most frequently associated with should be the electric vehicle AION S that is around 150,000 yuan. From now on, this role will be replaced by the supercar Hyper SSR with a starting price of 1.286 million yuan.

The official title given to it is “China’s No. 1 Supercar”, and a description is added at the same time: “The opponents are all over 5 million yuan.”

In fact, in terms of supercars alone, NIO EP9, which came out a few years ago, is already qualified enough, and has proved its hard power at the Nurburgring, It’s just that this model that was promised to be mass-produced did not really achieve mass production in the end. And GAC-AION dared to declare “China’s No. 1 supercar” this time because it is preparing to put this car into mass production.

With an extremely low-lying stance, scissor doors, a sturdy rear wing, and a trunk that opens in a peculiar way, the Hyper SSR is already very good in terms of style. However, from the perspective of a supercar, this car is actually not the ultimate in design.

As shown in the table above, the body length of the Hyper SSR is less than 4.6 meters, which is comparable to the Polestar 1, which is also a million-class (RMB) sports car, but in terms of body height, the Hyper SSR is much lower than the Polestar 1. However, compared with the Ferrari SF90, which is only 1191mm high, the Hyper SSR’s body of more than 1.2 meters is still significantly higher. The NIO EP9, which is also a pure electric supercar, has a height of only 1146mm, so in terms of visual effects, the EP9 is more supercar style than the Hyper SSR.

Compared with the appearance, the interior of Hyper SSR reveals a sense of “intimacy”. The entire center console features a layout that we are very familiar with. Even with a steering wheel with a strange shape, the overall cockpit is easier to get used to than a traditional supercar.

In terms of power, the Hyper SSR will be powered by a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system with a maximum power of 1,225 horsepower, and the official 0-100 km/h acceleration time is only 1.9 seconds. In addition, the car is also equipped with ELSD electronic limited slip differential, SDC intelligent variable damping shock absorber and R-EPS steering to optimize dynamic balance and improve handling performance.

Hyper SSR has already started pre-sale. The pre-sale price of the basic version is 1.286 million yuan, and the pre-sale price of the Ultimate track version is 1.686 million yuan. The delivery will officially begin in October 2023.