NIO Vision GT Concept Car Exposed by Social Media


Recently, exterior designer of Andrey Kirichenko released a set of concept photos of the NIO Vision GT on social media. The car looks more combat than the EP9, NIO official has not yet been introduced regarding to this car.

According to the photos, the aerodynamic design of the NIO Vision GT seems to be more radical than the EP9, the front air intake channel occupies almost the entire front face; in addition, the side of the body is extremely complex, and the car also features a unibody large size rear spoiler that integrated with the vehicle body.

In addition to the NIO Vision GT concept car, the sale of the Formula E team by NIO is also one of the brand’s recent hot news. According to media, NIO has sold a majority stake in its Formula E team, which is widely considered to be one of NIO’s cost-cutting initiatives. For example, NIO has temporarily postponed plans to build a plant in Shanghai, postponed the listing of ET sedan and so on.