Xpeng Motors Launched 2020 Xpeng G3 and Debuted Xpeng P7 At 2019 Chengdu Motor Show


On September 5th, Xpeng Motors held a press conference of “Born Intelligent” at the Chengdu Motor Show, this is the first time its smart SUV 2020 Xpeng G3 and smart electric coupe Xpeng P7 unveiled in Chengdu Auto Show.

At this conference, Xpeng Motors announced the delivery of 2020 Xpeng G3, and Xpeng P7 will be officially launched in the second quarter of next year and will be delivered simultaneously.

Xpeng G3

As a Chinese EV startup, Xpeng G3 is the first EV from this company. Compared with the outgoing 2018 Xpeng G3, the biggest difference of 2020 Xpeng G3 is reflected in the cruising range. Under the NEDC comprehensive working condition, the 2020 Xpeng G3 400 has a range of 249miles(401 km), the long range version, 2020 Xpeng G3 520 has a NEDC comprehensive cruising range of up to 323miles(520 km) (the range outgoing models are 351km – 365km).

2020 Xpeng G3 features XPILOT 2.5 automatic driving assistance system, TJA( traffic congestion assist) and ICA (intelligent cruise assist), ALC (automatic lane change assist) and many other automatic driving assistance functions. Xpeng Motors said that the above functions can realize the L2.5 level automatic Driving function. In addition, the new car has different degrees of optimization and improvement in terms of chassis, handling stability, ride comfort and braking performance.

Xpeng P7

As a high-end coupe model that Xpeng Motors intends to refresh its definition of “smart car” concept, Xpeng Motors said that the theoretical NEDC cruising range of the Xpeng P7 is expected to exceed 600km, 0-100km / h acceleration time or can be 4 seconds, the high trim model will be also equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive. The length of Xpeng P7 will reach 4.9 meters and wheelbase of 3 meters, the official says P7 is based on the German luxury sports car in terms of chassis and suspension specifications and tuning, the goal is to overtake the mainstream mid-size car, and compare it with the large-size car. In addition, relying on its intelligent hardware foundation, P7 is expected to achieve L3 autonomous driving functions.

Xpeng Motors starts to deliver its EV at the beginning of this year, it has already delivered more than 10,000 vehicles.

About Xiaopeng Motor

Xpeng Motors is a leading Chinese electric vehicle company that designs and manufactures automobiles that are seamlessly integrated with the Internet and utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The company’s initial backers include its Chairman He Xiaopeng, the founder of UCWeb Inc. and a former Alibaba executive. Xpeng was co-founded in 2014 by Henry Xia and He Tao, former senior executives at Guangzhou Auto with expertise in innovative automotive technology and R&D. It has received funding from prominent Chinese and international investors including Alibaba Group and IDG Capital. The company launched its first production model, the G3 SUV, in Dec 2018. Xpeng’s 2nd production model, the P7 four-door electric coupe, premiered at the Auto Shanghai show in April 2019, and will be delivered to Chinese customers in Q2 2020. The company is building its fully-owned intelligent factory in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, targeting completion in Q3 2019. Xpeng Motors is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.