Xpeng Motors Debuted Its Electric Coupe Xpeng P7 on Shanghai Auto Show, Range will be up to 372miles


Xpeng Motors’ first electric coupe, Xpeng P7, was officially released at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, this is the first time Xpeng Motors unveiled its sedan model. Wheelbase of P7 reaches 3000mm, which is positioned as a mid-size coupe. 0-100km/h acceleration time is in 4s, range will be longer than 372miles (600km). In the future, Xpeng P7 will compete with Tesla Model 3 and other pure electric cars in China market.

Before the release, Xpeng P7 can be said to have passed the complicated test and finally stood out from the design proposals submitted by 16 design companies from all over the world. It is worth mentioning that Xpeng P7 is from global program bidding, and the final solution comes from Xpeng Motors’ own design team.

The internal code of Xpeng P7 is E28, we have exposed a group of test spy photos and a set of vehicle details official map of Xpeng P7 in the past, the new car uses the official so-called “INTERSTELLAR” series design language, actually it is very simple style, the front face of Xpeng P7 is designed with split headlights, the top is the through-type lamp strip, the lower part is the conventional headlight group, Xpeng P7 still uses the enclosed grille design. According to the official, the new car has a length of 4,900 mm and a wheelbase of 3000 mm.

The side of the car has soft lines and concealed door handles, the slip-back design is used, looks like Tesla Model S style. The overall car design moves backwards, making the new car look like a rear-drive model. The through-type taillights echoes very well with the headlights and look also very simple.

The XPENG P7 offers on-the-road performance and style to match its advanced intelligent features. With dual-motor 4-wheel-drive, XPENG P7 boasts sporty acceleration to 100km/h in 4 seconds, as well as a market-leading NEDC driving range of 372miles + (600km + ).

According to official, Xpeng P7 will be built on the SEPA(Smart Electric Platform Architecture) platform, Xpeng P7 will combine NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier autonomous driving chip + Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A automotive processor, this is to ensure it will support Level-3 autonomous driving system in hardware architecture in the future.

The P7 will be manufactured at Xpeng Motors’ own factory in Zhaoqing, Zhejiang Province China, it is currently still under construction. Delivery time of Xpeng P7 is targeted for 2nd Quarter 2020, anyway the pre-sale is already opened the same time Xpeng P7 released on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.