SITECH DEV To Cooperate With Italy ICONA In EV Design


Recently, SITECH DEV signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Italy ICONA Design Group. ICONA will be the core design team of SITECH DEV’s new special intelligent electric vehicle AEV (internal code name). The two sides will launch the “User-Made Cars” campaign, inviting users to participate in the brand definition and design and manufacturing of SITECH AEV to create electric vehicles that better meet the needs of users.

SITECH DEV’s COO Joe Chao mentioned that the reason why he initiated “User-Made Cars” is because he feels that car selection is a very tangled process for users, too many choices, limited budget, and how to coordinate different family members. These problems are everywhere, so make some changes from a design perspective.

ICONA is a leader in the automotive design and manufacturing industry. Dr. Gaudio, Chairman and CEO of ICONA Design Group, also said, “The idea is a challenge for ICONA”, but both sides also hope that there will be new sparks in the design and manufacturing process.

As one of the new forces in China car maker, SITECH DEV has been in operation for less than 2 years since its establishment in September 2017. The products are mainly for users in third- and fourth-tier cities in China. The first model SITECH DEV 1 was debuted on August 30, 2018 during the Chengdu Auto Show and was commissioned by the Changchun FAW factory. At the end of last year, it achieved a mass production target of 4,000 units. The latest AEV (internal code) model is scheduled to be released by the end of 2019, and it is reported to be a smaller car than the SITECH DEV 1.