NIUTRON NV: NIU TECH’s First EV Debuted in China


We learned from relevant channels that the first model from NIU TECHNOLOGIES, The NIUTRON NV (Chinese name “自由家NV”), has completed its debut. According to official reports, it will be officially launched in March 2022.

NIUTRON” is a car brand released by Niu Technologies. The founder is Li Yinan, and the Niu electric bicycle is his industry. Having said that, from the two-wheeled electric bicycle to the four-wheeled electric vehicle, where is Li Yinan’s confidence? We think this is due to the trend of the times. After all, car building is no longer the “unique skill” of traditional OEMs. Like Li Xiang’s Lixiang One, Li Bin’s NIO, and He Xiaopeng’s Xpeng Motors, all of them are now selling hot in the Chinese market.

Back to NIUTRON NV, the car belongs to the SUV category, and according to the size parameters announced, the length, width and height of 4915/1962/1745mm and the wheelbase of 2910mm is a standard medium and large size vehicle. It can be seen from this that it will compete head-on with Lixiang ONE, NIO ES8 and even Xpeng G9 after it goes on the market, and this also shows one thing, it should not take the cheap route, so the author predicts that its price should be 300,000 yuan or so.

One of the highlights of the appearance is the LED light bar on the C-pillar. Similar to its own electric bicycle, the light bar consists of five bars and can display the current remaining power. At the first glance of NIUTRON NV, perhaps everyone will involuntarily think of a luxury brand-Land Rover, because its entire front is relatively rounded, and it also uses a structured headlight shape.

On the side part, NIUTRON NV uses a relatively square outline to make the whole vehicle look tougher. The use of hidden door handles can not only reduce the wind resistance coefficient of the vehicle, but also enhance the sense of intelligent technology. At the same time, NIUTRON NV has also made a silver trim panel with a light strip on the C-pillar position, which enhances the sense of power of the whole vehicle. Moreover, the light strip in the center of the trim panel is not a decoration, it can display the percentage of charging and discharging.

The tail of NIUTRON NV is more “intriguing”. To be honest, the outline of the entire tail is OK, but the style of the bar-type taillights is rather peculiar. Needless to say, this set of taillights is quite recognizable when it is lit.

In terms of interior, NIUTRON NV did not follow the trend to increase the number of screens wildly. A 15.6-inch large screen adopts vertical access. As for the fluency and functionality of this large screen, the official has not given exact information.

The power of NIUTRON NV is based on the GEMINI twin power module system, which will include two power systems, the pure electric system and the range extended system. As for the specific parameter configuration of the vehicle’s power system, it has not yet been announced. However, I believe that NIUTRON NV will bring a sense of surprise to everyone in terms of power. So, let’s all look forward to meeting it in September.