Lixiang L7 Air Entry Model Goes Live in the Chinese Market


On February 8, Lixiang L7 was officially launched. Previously, the prices of Lixiang L7 Pro and Max versions have been announced, which are 339,800 yuan and 379,800 yuan respectively. This time, Li Auto announced the price of L7 Air version, the price is 319,800 yuan. Lixiang L7 Pro and Max will be delivered successively on March 1, and Lixiang L7 Air will be delivered successively in early April. The Air version is the entry-level version of the L7, which further lowers the price. From the configuration point of view, Lixiang L7 Air cancels the self-adaptive adjustment of the headlight height and the air suspension compared with the Pro version, but the CDC shock absorber is still standard. At the same time, the Air version uses a battery pack with the same performance and higher cost performance. Power batteries from Sunwoda and SVOLT (a company from Great Wall Motors) will be equipped with Lixiang L7 Air, performance, quality, and warranty policies are consistent with those of Max and Pro models.

Lixiang L7 is a medium-to-large extended-range electric SUV. Its wheelbase is the same as that of Lixiang L8, and its size is basically similar. L8 is slightly larger. L7 is a 5-seater SUV, and L8 is a 6-seater SUV.

In terms of appearance, Lixiang L7 adopts the iconic family-style design. The appearance of L7, L8, and L9 has a high degree of inheritance, and the design of L7 and L8 is closer. It adopts a split headlight group design, the upper part is a bar-type daytime running light, and the lower part is a headlight group on both sides. Only the air intake grille at the bumper is reserved, and the entire front face continues the simple design style.

On the side of the body, although the size of Lixiang L7 is smaller than that of the L9, it can be seen that the area of the third row of side windows of the L7 is obviously smaller than that of the L9, and the angle of inclination at the D-pillar is wider than Lixiang L8. From the perspective of model size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5050/1995/1750mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3005mm. The length of the L7 is 30mm shorter than that Lixiang L8 and 168mm shorter than that of the L9. The wheelbase of the L7 is 100mm shorter than that of the L9, which is the same as that of the L8. L7 and L8 have the same car width, and the car height is 50mm shorter.

At the rear of the vehicle, because the L7 has a downward design from the roof to the rear, the rear window looks more refined, and the inclination angle of the rear window looks larger. The taillight is still the iconic bar-type design. Since the license plate is moved to the rear bumper, there is a lot of space for the tailgate.

In terms of interior, it is much similar to Lixiang L9 and L8, the interior is still in a simple design style, mainly a floating dual-screen design that runs through the co-pilot, 3K resolution LCD screen, the central control screen is mainly for driving information, the co-pilot screen is mainly for entertainment information, and driving-related information on the display above the steering wheel.

The second-row seats of Lixiang L7 support electric adjustment, with a maximum tilt angle of 40 degrees and a cushion length of 520mm. In addition, the right side of the second row is also equipped with electric leg rests. The rear 15.7-inch LCD screen will only appear on the L7 Max model.

In terms of power, Lixiang L7 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine as a range-extending system, it has dual front and rear motors as the main power source, and is equipped with a 42.8kWh ternary lithium battery pack. L7’s self-developed front five-in-one rear three-in-one intelligent electric four-wheel drive system has a maximum power of 330 kW, a maximum torque of 620 Nm, and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. The Air version cancels the air suspension, while the Pro and Max will be equipped with this configuration as standard.