HOZON’s New Electric SUV HOZON U Unveiled, Max. Range of 410miles


On March 21, HOZON Auto Beijing Design Center officially kicked off. The new intelligent pure electric SUV was officially exposed and named “U”. This is the first model of HOZON Auto’s new EV from its exclusive HPC platform. HOZON U’s design is derived from the concept car Eureka 01, which was released earlier. This is the first time that the design concept of the concept car has been fully presented on the production model.

Eureka 01 Concept Vehicle

HOZON U’s overall shape is very sharp. Large-size wheels and exquisite tires accentuate the muscles of the vehicle; HOZON U’s front face is based on the brand-new design language, the front headlights use a full LED light source for the through-shape, the roof is suspended, the tail shape is sharp, and the through-taillights echo the headlights, making the whole model sporty.

As a masterpiece of HOZON Auto, “U” will bring users avant-garde aesthetics, superior performance, and forward-looking technology, fully demonstrating the forward-looking strength of HOZON Auto in the field of intelligent technology.

Dai Dali, the vice president of HOZON AUTO, said when introducing HOZON U.

In terms of vehicle performance, there are two versions of full-time four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive available on HOZON U, equipped with customized high-efficiency electric drive system. In terms of battery life, the car uses a high-density lithium-ion battery, cruising range will reach 310miles(500km) under NEDC, maximum battery life reaches 410miles(660km).

HOZON U is also the first product in the same-class of new energy vehicle developed and designed according to the C-NCAP five-star safety standard. It is equipped with mobileye Q4 top-level graphic chip and more than 20 auto-driving auxiliary configurations to meet the needs of complex application scenarios.

In terms of technology configuration, HOZON U is equipped with a transparent A-pillar to completely solve the safety problem of the driver’s blind zone; the “small YOU” smart robot carried on the car can actively provide users with AI-based emotional services.

Deng Ling, vice president of Marketing from HOZON Auto explained the new car’s name of “U”:

HOZON Auto will fully meet the travel needs of users from the four dimensions of security, space, intelligence and service, namely “Safety for U” , “Space for U”, “Smart for U”, “Service for U”, to build HOZON U into a low-energy consumption, high-endurance pure electric vehicle, an intelligent mobile terminal that breaks through the boundaries of traditional manufacturing, an emotional partner carrying the “post-humanized design” care, the unique “U” for you is coming“.
About HOZON Auto

HOZON Auto was established in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, CHINA in October 2014 with a registered capital of 626 million RMB and a total investment of more than 2.5 billion RMB.

HOZON Automobile has been quietly developing for more than four years. Under the leadership of Fang Yunzhou, one of the members of the “4-person team” of the early Chery New Energy Project, HOZON New Energy took root in Tongxiang Zhejiang China. With his personal charm and industry influence, Fang Yunzhou gathered the four most professional big names in automobile eco-chains: Qian Dezhu, Peng Qingfeng, Lin Weiyi and Chen Yaoguang, built the prototype of the current HOZON team.

HOZON Auto is totally new Chinese car manufacturer who focuses on new energy vehicles. HOZON’s first model NETA N01, a compact electric SUV model, was officially launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which opened on November 16, 2018. The official has announced the price information of this car: a total of four models, price covers 59,800 -69,800 RMB(USD8,900-10,400) after government subsidy. In addition, the second production car HOZON NETA N03 is scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019.

HOZON Auto has established a smart driving R&D center in Silicon Valley, USA, to carry out intelligent driving industrialization research, intelligent driving decision-making core algorithms and AI research, and research on cutting-edge technologies, and strategic cooperation with upstream companies in the industry chain of well-known intelligent driving technology research and development.