Chery Tiggo 3 Model 2009 Review and Test Drive (3)


Tiggo 3  model 2009 cabin layout – generous, warm, youthful

When we get into the cabin, we may easily find there is no much difference with the old model, whether the style is dark  gray , beige or silver colors, and fresh center console, all seems to be generous feeling and youthful.

Three-spoke steering wheel is no different with the older style , the soft textures of materials and imitation leather give good feel, however, the multi-function steering wheel for the old model which configured for the whole series can only be found now from the high setting version.

A new instrument panel design is adopted. The color of the meter panel changed from white to black, and the shape has also a little adjustment. Two large circular are the indicators for rpm and speed , and the little two circles in the middle indicate the fuel gauge  and water temperature. Meanwhile, the instrument panel LCD display area also increased a lot, with a blue backlight white font can display the time and instantaneous fuel consumption, etc., higher readable, practical.

The bulging the center console can be divided into two levels by color, regional distribution clear concise look neat, materials and assembly process appears to be satisfactory. The upper center console is a black trapezoid, the larger, outer ring accompanied by silver trim strip with good results foreground colors. Top-down trapezoid panel ordered the air conditioning vent, stereo, air conditioning controls, audio panel buttons larger spacing is larger, operate fairly on hand. The bottom of the air conditioning control knobs with soft rubber material, shape like an extra point of moving the mouse, touch is not bad, but really only rotating control. Second half of the center console has an ashtray, next to the power jack at the bottom of a row of neatly arranged buttons, seems to be functional for the future, paving the way rich.

In the aspect of cabin space, compartment height is considerable with 1705mm in height, so a high chair is also designed to bring good vision and stretch the sitting position. Driving seat with 6 to manual adjustment, can basically meet the different height of the driver’s body works. Coarse fabric seat center hole cloth, friction larger and even somewhat rough. Cushion and seat back use of concave shape, package of good.

Although Tiggo has not a very long distance in wheelbase (2510mm), but almost vertical column D, flat roof, it can be fully lay down in the rear seat, so the Tiggo‘s rear seats set to be before and after the adjustment, even if tall take not feel cramped. Figure in passenger height 175mm, front row seat adjustment in the normal position, the legs are still a lot of head room for the surplus space performance worthy of recognition. Set from the seat of view, the real from the left and right rear combination of two separate seats, two seat cushion and backrest are designed to uplift the edge, enhance encapsulated, this set is a ride from two consider the situation to improve the seat comfort, but does not help when they were traveling among the passengers.

Because it is about individual seats, 50/50 split fold flat so can not only turn back to front, seat cushion can also flips, and may remove to a separate, diversified portfolio seat program, makes a very flexible combination of boot space.

As the spare tire plug-in, low floor design to a very smooth, so that the luggage compartment has a good height. Because of this, the boot of both sides of the tire bulge is relatively high, flat on the floor of an impact. The whole, the boot space in its class is not large, but adequate.

In the aspect of storage space, the performance is quite satisfactory, the new model for the barrier boom and the rear storage box designed curtain pull the lid, giving the feeling of neat, considered action to enhance grade.

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