Chery Tiggo 3 Model 2009 Review and Test Drive (1)


Summary: As an earlier SUV models of Chinese brand, after four years market competition, gradually gain a firm foothold in the low-end SUV market.


Chery Tiggo rushed to SUV market in 2005 as another Chinese brand which entered into SUV market a little early , after four years of market tempered, low-end SUV market has gradually gain a firm foothold in the recent sales In fact, from the outset, Chery intends to avoid the Salutation “SUV”, it leaded in the concept of “NCV” (new concept cars) ,it shows the manufacturers the position of product is still quite clear that the main customers ar for city vehicles, or even snatch a part of sedan user’s “ambition.” But anyway, in the eyes of consumers, Tiggo is downright a SUV, the large space, wide vision is unmatched by sedan.

As more and more own-brand manufacturers started to engage in SUV, the market competition is becoming more intense, Tiggo also follow the footsteps of the market to launch its 09 models Tiggo in May, although it’s not upgrading models, but the manufacturers claim that the product was 22 upgrades to enhance the competitiveness of their products. How much does the new version improve to enhance competitiveness on earth? Let’s go!

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