Chery Riich G5 Review and Road Test – Appearance


Riich G5 Appearance Detail

Chery‘s new car designs have already embarked on the originality route, G5 is no exception. But as a “business car” position, it is quite a test for the manufacturer’s strength on its overall design effect, it should not only be stylish and fashion, but also not be too weird. This is right impression G5 shows to us, the overall shape is both square and round, lines are very calm, plump surface. Front face and rear lights may be a bit familiar with somewhat, but it’s hard to say who it is like, in a word, it looks good.

Riich G5 Front Face

Although the overall design is featureless, but we consider that this is a good thing for G5, after all, it is the work that Chery shows its skill of car-making, and skill to a mature expression is that it can be accepted by public.

Chery Riich G5 - Rear View

G5‘s front face at first glances just like they should, no bold innovation, but the details are actually quite its own characteristics. For example, a square chrome grille under crossbar, with both sides to form a “H” type, I do not know if it will be the future characteristics of Riich family; headlamps glance more general, but when you look careful of its “eye”, it is a slight up style, the two round lamps in it also create a little sporty sense. Riich G5 Appearance detail

The tail part is also stylish, it is well integrated with the body beltline, personally I feel it is G5’s most advanced detail part.

Riich G5 Appearance detail

Workmanship of G5 body details is very good, sheet metal is fine with bright paintwork, completely meet with international standards. If anything regret, that’s the Logo – signs on both front face and wheels somewhat directly imitate with Bentley, to restore Chery ‘s “Copycat” Culture which would have already been thrown away.

Riich G5 Appearance detail

G5 body size are 4714mm, 1794mm, 1473mm in L/W/H, wheelbase is 2700mm, it is pretty a standard mid-size sedan, no one in particular stands out., there are many vehicles with such size in China, it should be considered as a moderate body size vehicle.

Model L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Wheelbase(mm)
RiichG5 4714 1794 1473 2700
BESTURN B70 (FAW) 4705 1782 1465 2675
Chevrolet Epica 4820 1870 1450 2700
Shanghai Volkswagen PASSAT Linlu 4789 1765 1470 2803