Chery OMODA 5 officially released or listed in the second quarter 2022


The 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show officially opens on November 19. On the media day of the auto show, Chery‘s new SUV, Chery X-C, was officially unveiled. According to the license plate on the vehicle and the display on the background electronic exhibition board, the new car will be named OMODA 5 in the future. It is worth mentioning that this car is the first mid-sized SUV model after the evolution of Chery 4.0 products, and is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022.

From the appearance point of view, the front face of the new car is featured by a large-size grille design, and the interior of the grille is decorated with a large number of rectangular elements, which looks more futuristic. The upper part of the grille is connected by a horizontal line with a slender daytime running light to widen the visual effect of the front face. The headlight adopts a split design, and the interior uses an LED light source.

When it comes to the side, the slip-back design is very eye-catching. In addition, the new car also adds the design elements of the suspension model, which is quite fashionable. The waistline on the side of the car body extends and rises back along the curved surface of the car body, forming a low-lying dive and creating a good light and shadow effect. In the rear of the car, the new car will be equipped with a through-type taillight design to cater to the current aesthetics. The shape of the taillight is very sharp. The vertically arranged light source inside is lit to enhance the recognition of the rear. In addition, the tail turn signal also adopts the flowing water steering effect, which further enhances the sense of luxury.

As for the interior, the new car has black elements as the main color, and details such as the three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and air-conditioning vents are added with similar rose gold trims for embellishment, making the overall look more fashion. At the same time, the integrated penetrating screen composed of large-size LCD instrument + large-size central control screen is very eye-catching. In terms of power, the official has not announced more information. It is expected that the new car will provide 1.6T and 2.0T models for consumers to choose from in the future.