Chery New Energy Announced Official Images of Chery S61


Recently, Chery New Energy officially announced the official pictures of the appearance and interior of the new car code-named S61. This new car adopts a new design language and uses soft curves to create a “natural aesthetics” design concept. S61 is based on Chery New Energy’s positive research and development of pure electric platform LFS, positioned as a compact pure electric SUV. According to previous news, the new car will be officially listed in the third quarter of this year, and its price range is expected to be 200,000-250,000 yuan (~US$28,540 – US$35,675)

Chery New Energy S61 is different from the design of Chery New Energy’s current models. It features a lot of soft lines. The official said that it is a combination of natural elements such as cloud, wind, and stars to convey “the world is beautiful without words.” concept of natural aesthetics. Specifically, the front face of the new car adopts a closed design, the head is penetrated by split headlights, and the upper and lower light groups jointly create a tall and elegant head shape.

On the side of the body, the S61 uses a curved design. Under the outline of simple lines, it brings a full and dynamic waist. Thanks to the development of a pure electric platform, the wheelbase of the new car has reached 2830mm. The 20-inch rim is dotted with a silver “Y” shape to improve recognition. At the rear of the car, the bar-type taillights echo the front and back of the front face. The light sources on both sides are arranged horizontally, and the lights are clearly layered. In addition, the lower guard plate combined with black and silver elements adds more durable elements to the tail of the S61, making it more refined.

In the interior, the designer uses a brown + black color scheme to create the atmosphere of the interior. The interior layout maximizes the use of cockpit space. The dual 12.3-inch screens are connected together, which is also a very popular design in the current market. The new car simplifies most of the mechanical buttons, showing a simple design concept. In addition, the new car uses a new style of the gear lever, full of sense of technology.

In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with a panoramic sunroof and leather-wrapped seats. According to the previous information, S61 will also be equipped with a vehicle-mounted intelligent network connection system, including AI voice control, multi-screen interaction, air purification and other configurations, and it will also have face recognition, OTA, ADAS+ assisted driving, 5G-V2X and other technologies.

On the power data, the official has not yet disclosed more information, the S61 is built on the Chery New Energy LFS platform. The pure electric platform has a new architecture, high extension, and sharing advantages. The high-strength aluminum alloy application ratio of the body is 93%; The platform can accommodate various car models, including the capacity of the battery pack can also be expanded and adjusted.