Chery A1 Review and Road Test – Drive Test Result


☆ A1‘s acceleration test result shows problem

Chery A1 acceleration testChery A1 in the 100 km acceleration performance: 15.6 seconds. This result was affected in the first section of revolution which the torque output is very low. At the same time, under hard acceleration, the transmission coordinated with it very well.

Chery A1 brake test
In brake test, although the suspension has excellent support, A1‘s tire affects braking performance, “meat tire” can not cope with A1’s body. Braking systems and suspension systems are cumbered by the poor tire.

Brake strength is weak at the beginning

  • Suspension support is excellent, a good example in small sports car

Chery A1‘s suspension system is calibrated very tough, in everyday driving, especially go over the speed bump, the suspension is clear-cut and snappy to absorb energy, make you to feel that it is not a several thousand price small car, the level of suspension is not less than a B-Class vehicle.

Chery A1 slalom test

In slalom test, Chery A1‘s steering wheel is very accurate, and is as tough as suspension, never leave loose ends, and no clear-cut. Suspension can provide good support for car body which is not very heavy , the only shortage is that the calibration is prejudiced on comfort and but not sporty, it can not provide excellent road grip! We also recommended A1’s owner if there is a higher demand, you have to change high-performance tires.

A1’s suspension can be definitely considered as a very good small cars, in high strength slalom, it can still keep good posture.

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