All-New Chery Tiggo 8 Review – Front & Rear Crash Beam


Many friends are still concerned about the workmanship and quality of materials of Tiggo 8. So what is the specific situation? Today, we will first remove the front and rear crash beams and find out.

Front crash beam: Aluminum alloy

Remove the front bumper and we may see a white aluminum alloy crash beam, it is really rare in this segment. The front crash beam has a thickness of 2.89 mm, but the width is narrow and can only cover 59.15% of the front, it is still quite disadvantageous for the protection of the left and right suspensions, as well as small overlap crash.

There is no bumper absorber between the front bumper and the crash beam. If there is a collision with a pedestrian or a weak traffic participant, there will be higher risky for the chance of injury to the other party.

The ACC millimeter wave radar is fixed on the frame welded by the front impact beam, and the distance from the rear intercooler is almost zero. That is to say, even if there is a slight collision, the ACC radar is likely to crash directly and cause secondary damage to the intercooler, and the maintenance cost will not be small.

The mature process of international brand models is to place the ACC radar in the badge, or offset behind the side of the impact beam to protect the impact beam.

The detachable crash box is also made of aluminum alloy, such a pocket-sized energy-absorbing box has a very small space for collapse. In addition, the longitudinal beam design of this car is similar to that of the old Toyota model, both are available with corresponding collapse and folds.

Rear impact beam: “cute”

The rear impact beam of the Tiggo 8 looks rather “pocket”. A single-layer stamped steel plate has a thickness of only 1.16 mm and narrow width, which is almost half of vehicle body and covers a range of 55.25%.

The rear crash box also looks “small”, with corresponding collapsed pleats and perforations, and a detachable structure.

From the side view, it is obvious that the tailgate is more convex. Such a “small” anti-collision beam is difficult to play a role.

Summary: To be mature

The front crash beam of Tiggo 8 is made of aluminum alloy, this is really a surprise, it is worthy of praise in such a 100,000 yuan price segment, it shows that Chery wants to make this car well.

However, many things are not what you want to do, but you need strength. We still saw a lot of immature designs on this Tiggo 8, for example, the width of the crash beam is too narrow, there is no bumper absorber foam, too smallcrash box, the ACC radar position, and the “cute” rear crash beam reflects Chery still lack experience, there is a certain gap with the mainstream design.

Regarding the chassis situation of this car, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up car review content.