Changan EADO Will Soon Have a Facelift


Recently, we obtained the declaration images of Changan Auto’s new sedan from China MIIT, the Changan EADO (Yidong) facelift, the new car features Changan Auto’s family-style design language, it will continues to be powered by a 1.4T/1.6L engine.

In terms of appearance, the new Changan EADO continues the family-style grille design, but the size is more exaggerated. In addition, the air intakes on both sides of the new car are quite large, which creates a good sense of movement for the whole car.

In the tail, the new EADO moves the license frame to the rear bumper and removes the narrow reflective strips on both sides. In addition, the new car also uses bilateral two-way exhausts, the rear fog lights are located in the middle of the bumper. The body dimensions (length, width and height) of the new car are 4370/820/1505 mm, the length is 20mm longer than the current model, the wheelbase is 2700 mm.

In terms of configuration, new Changan EADO offers panoramic sunroof, side airbags, side air curtains, and different styles of rim/outer mirrors for optional installation. In terms of power, new Changan EADO will continue to be powered by 1.4T/1.6L engine with maximum horsepower of 158 hp and 128 hp. The transmission system is matched with 5-speed manual/6-AT/7-speed dual-clutch (for 1.4T model) gearbox.